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Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review August 4, 2011

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Hello fellow beauties! Today I bring you the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette.  I’ve heard a lot of people say some not so nice things about the palette, like that it is bland or boring. I think it’s a good addition to any stash. The top row is the standard matte that can be used for anything. The second row is a little edgier due to the shimmer in the shadows, but it is still easy to do subtle.  The third row deemed “fashion” is a fun one to work with. 

Now, I’m a neutral skin tone so I’m lucky, I can wear silver, gold, red, and beige and look nice regardless, so I’m wondering if people don’t like this palette because they are the wrong skin tone to pull it off. It seems that warmer skin tones would pull it off better than cool


Lets get started with the colors. “Day” Heaven is a cream/white that is devoid of nearly any other color, no subtle pink or blue or anything here; it goes on quite sheer. Velvet Revolver is taupe. It reminds me of the walls in my living room. Anyway  it is a matte and goes on with a nice medium-full coverage. Sexpresso is a dark brown matte, about the color of a shot of espresso (hence the name) it goes on very pigmented but blends out super well if you are going for more subtle.

Line two “Classic”. Silk Teddy is a shimmery pink/coral with fairly sheer coverage – Very pretty. Push-Up is a milk chocolate colored shimmer goes on medium – full coverage.  Erotica is a greyish purple shimmer. It goes on full coverage, but as with all of them it can be blended beautifully. 

Finally, today’s look is “Fashion” consisting of Nude Beach a sparkly pink – I swear that all I get is sparkles, no real eyeshadow.  Honey Pot is a golden brown shimmer. It goes on with a nice full coverage. Coco Puff is a dark brown shimmer which goes on with a medium coverage.

All of these are smooth and if you “tap” your brush there is little fall out. With my primer I can get a full 12 hour work day plus a few hours at home.

On the shots above I’m wearing Nude Beach all over the eyes, Honey Pot on the lids, and Coco Puff in the crease. I lifted my brows using a smidge of Silk Teddy and contoured the top of my cheek bones with Heaven (an all-purpose brightener). I finished out the look with my Dior waterproof mascara, my Tarte Emphaseye in Bronze, and some random lipglosses blended together.

Overall this is NOT my favorite palette, but IT IS a good palette and not without its merits. It is silky and smooth, stays on, has nice neutral colors and blends super well. Would I buy it again? Yes, once I run out if they still have it.

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Too Faced. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.