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BzzAgent Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee November 26, 2012

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Today I bring you Green Mountain Fair Trade coffees that I received from BzzAgent.  First I’ll start by telling you about the flavors and then about why fair trade coffee is a good choice.

I was sent 4 flavors, Vermont Country Blend, Sumatran Reserve – Extra Dark, Columbian Fair Trade Select, and Wild Mountain Blueberry.

Vermont Country Blend – This is a mild coffee, like a breakfast blend. It goes well with everything and is not bitter. Using my Keurig I was able to get a perfect cup at 10oz. This is well balanced but not very aromatic.

Sumatran Reserve– This is a BOLD coffee. It is very aromatic. It smells like a coffeehouse. Brewing the k-cup at 12oz was still to strong for me, but my husband adored it and asked me to buy more.

Columbian Fair Trade Select – This coffee is on the Bold side but not as strong as the Sumatran. It is aromatic and not too bitter. It doesn’t have an incredible amount of acidity either.

Wild Mountain Blueberry – I was not expecting to like this, but once I brewed it it smelled like I made coffee and fresh blueberry muffins.  That is also what it tasted like when I drank it. It was super delicious. I will definitely get this again.
Now, lets talk Fair Trade.

Fair trade is when farmers in third world countries are introduced to methods of building a sustaining business model. With the help of  the brands who support fair trade, these farmers are given reasonable pay and premiums for their work.  The farmers also have access to healthcare and child labor is prohibited.  The farmers communities also receive premiums for predetermined development activities. Buying Fair Trade products like this coffee creates a sustainable future and transfers more of the profit to the hard working men and women. These products will be similarly priced to other high quality items, but mass marketed – mass produced items will still be cheaper, but they will also still be lower quality.

Now that I’ve learned about the benefits of Fair Trade, if I have a choice between a fair trade product and something else, I know which I’ll choose…What about you?


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