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August Birchbox – Twistband Hair Ties Review August 14, 2011

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20110814-162927.jpgTwistband Hair Ties are the item that everyone received in their August box. This is the one item that escapes me as far as it’s usefulness. Essentially it is a really wide flat piece of elastic wrapped in a stretchy fabric and tied in a knot.

I’m not a fan of scrunchies but at least they are “finished” all the way around. These have an open seam at the end which has already started fraying on mine (through my 3 uses). They claim that due to their width compared to standard elastic hairbands that they don’t leave a hair crease. I have found this to be an accurate statement. They also suggest that it looks nice on the wrist, not so to me, for me (and I have a tiny wrist) it felt too tight, no it didn’t cut off circulation but still, and it looked like I had walked out of my craft room with a scrap of fabric tied to my wrist.

As you can probably tell I did not love this product. But if you fancy it, they are for sale in packs of 3 in various colors at Birchbox for $5.00.

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Birchbox or any of the brands included in the box. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.