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I’m Back! and I’ve got Mascara – Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes November 27, 2011

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I am now officially married! Hurray. Jared and I have been together for about 3 years and we tied the knot on 11-11-11 on a cruise ship. For the special occasion I wanted special eyes (more on that later) so I figured I’d invest in a super nice mascara that I’ve been lusting after.  About a day before I left to go to Texas for the wedding, my doll eyes kit arrived (lash primer, mascara, and liquid liner), so I just grabbed it and brought it with me without trying it.  Remember how I liked  Lancôme Hypnôse Drama? I figured this would be just as good if not better.  I was smart and brought two other mascaras I’ve used and liked before just in case this was not the miracle eye I’ve been looking for.

Did I end up wearing it for the wedding? no – and here is why.



Lancôme free gift with purchase review of “Pinks” palette September 21, 2011

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As I discussed in my previous post, I took advantage of Macy’s “Free gift with Lancôme purchase” last month and got a load of awesome samples. Today I’ll share the “Pinks” palette.

This palette has four different colors, three of which are available in Lancôme’s
color design singles line*.  The four colors are (top left to bottom right) Designer*, Pink Pearls*,  Lava and Exhibition*.  The color design singles are each 0.042 oz, and in this palette each is 0.03 oz for a total of 0.12 oz – so these get pretty close to full size products.  As with all of the Lancôme products I’ve tried before, each of these is smooth and nicely pigmented.

I find it amusing that “Pink Pearls” is actually the only matte color in the entire set – you’d think that something with the pearl name would have a sheen. Anyway, that one is the color of cotton candy. Exhibition sounds like such a gaudy name but it is actually just a nice dusty rose shadow with a light sheen. Designer is supposedly a metallic green, but it just seems like a standard shimmer to me.  Finally, Lava is a dark pinkish brown that is a shimmer. This is my least favorite color in the set, but I still like it.



Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara Review September 10, 2011

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  Part of my free gift with purchase was this Hypnôse Drama Mascara. I was super excited to try this, I’ve heard great things about the Lancôme  mascara lines and you know I love my Lancôme products. I had to hold myself back from testing this until my mascara I kept at work ran out.

This sample of the Hypnôse Drama mascara in Extreme Black is 0.135 Fl oz. The full size is 0.22 Fl oz and is available for $25.00 just about anywhere Lancôme is sold. This sample (as with the “Blues” palette) is a very generously sized sample.

Ok – great size sample- but how does it work you ask?



Lancôme free gift with purchase share and review of “Blues” palette September 9, 2011

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A few days I promised to start sharing and reviewing my 7 piece Lancôme free gift with purchase that I received the other day. So let’s get started.  I was able to pick 6 items and a bag when I purchased my Lancome Color Design Palette in Mauve Cherie.  There were a few different options – many of which were skin care, which is important, but how often can you get super sized samples of cosmetics?? So, what did I pick? I chose the:

• Black Bag with red rose
• Lancôme Renergie Lift Volumetry cream
• Lipstick
• Foundation Brush
• “Blues” palette
• “Pinks” palette
• Hypnôse Drama Mascara

Today I will talk about the “Blues” palette.



Lancome Color Design Palette – Mauve Cherie 301 review August 27, 2011

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About a week ago I heard that purchases of Lancôme products at Macys came with a really neat gift with purchase. I only needed to spend $35.00 to get the free gift. I’d been eyeing the Mauve Chérie palette for awhile now. I like wearing purples because it brings out my green eyes, and this one had hues that I didn’t already have and it looked oh so sparkly.  I love sparkles! (I’ll grow up someday, maybe around 50 years old). Anyway, I had such a great experience with the Jade Fever palette that I knew I would love this palette too.

As usual, these palettes cost $48.00, so I was able to get my free gifts which I’ll review later. Well, the palette arrived yesterday, and it was everything I could do to leave it until today.  I was able to restrain myself.

First thing this morning I swatched it. I was surprised that the colors did not stay true to the palette, but they were still lovely colors. As with Jade Fever, all the colors went on very smoothly – they feel like silk when touched. They also blend really well.



Lancôme Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette Review July 15, 2011

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Its Friday! That means I get to play with colors a bit more – YAY!

Ok enough excitement about the day of the week. I got my Sephora shipment in yesterday that I’d ordered a bit ago. I had realized I had mostly plums, neutrals, and blues. I love green and typically look good in it so I decided to try this Lancome Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in “Jade Fever”. Yes that means its green. I’ve been eagerly awaiting my $48.00 palette (wow I never imagined I’d spend that much – but I did). It did not fail to impress me.