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Born pretty plate review August 28, 2011

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20110828-224237.jpg I am by no means a professional nail artist, nor am I even “good” but I am playing and learning. Today was the Boeing Classic golf tournament and I was a volunteer. Our uniform was a dark sky blue so I used my Essie polish and did French tips with matte and gloss but by the time I got home the matte had turned to a satin finish. I decided to try one of my stamps from the borne pretty store. I thought that the argyle would look awesome in white over the blue. As you can see the results were neat. I am still not great at stamping, but at least you can tell that it is argyle (the ring finger is silver crackle).

The born pretty plate is supposedly a clone of the Konad plate. The etching is good and complete and has full size patterns. The argyle pattern is very pretty and nicely sophisticated. It is not very expensive and I would highly recommend getting them if you are interested in stamping.


FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Born Pretty or Essie. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


Lancome Color Design Palette – Mauve Cherie 301 review August 27, 2011

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About a week ago I heard that purchases of Lancôme products at Macys came with a really neat gift with purchase. I only needed to spend $35.00 to get the free gift. I’d been eyeing the Mauve Chérie palette for awhile now. I like wearing purples because it brings out my green eyes, and this one had hues that I didn’t already have and it looked oh so sparkly.  I love sparkles! (I’ll grow up someday, maybe around 50 years old). Anyway, I had such a great experience with the Jade Fever palette that I knew I would love this palette too.

As usual, these palettes cost $48.00, so I was able to get my free gifts which I’ll review later. Well, the palette arrived yesterday, and it was everything I could do to leave it until today.  I was able to restrain myself.

First thing this morning I swatched it. I was surprised that the colors did not stay true to the palette, but they were still lovely colors. As with Jade Fever, all the colors went on very smoothly – they feel like silk when touched. They also blend really well.



Tarte emphasEYES cream eyeliner Review August 26, 2011

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In a lot of my posts about makeup I mention what I did to complete the look, and I usually mention my Tarte emphasEYES cream eyeliner.  This is my favorite eyeliner ever.  I’ve always had trouble with pencils and getting both full coverage, a nice shaped line, and avoiding my eyes feeling like they are being abused. On liquid liners I don’t feel like I have much control, and if I want to make the line less sharp I can’t really.

In comes the Tarte emphasEYES cream eyeliner. This is part of their Amazonian clay makeup line. It is a waterproof cream liner. I typically use the pure black one, but I also have the purple, the green, and the bronze.  The colors are rich and true. What you see is what you get.

This formula is is creamy and goes on smoothly. It comes with a liner brush that has a fine tip for lining on one end and a small densely packed brush for smudging on the other end.  I typically will smudge along my lower lashes but keep it nice and crisp on my upper lashes.  I’ve also found the smudge end is perfect for applying powder to my eyebrows.

I’ve heard people complain that it dries out quickly. On that – a major tip is to only open it when you are going to use it and tighten it completely after use.  Most of mine haven’t dried out, but my bronze did start drying out a few weeks ago. I added just a tiny bit of moisturizer to it and after a few days the liner had soaked it in and worked as good as new.  Another tip to avoid the drying is to only take from one place in the jar. As you can see in the upper left corner of my jar there is a lot of disturbed liner.  I take only from that location. I find that I get the most useful product when I insert the liner brush vertically into the jar and twist it around.  During application I can then twist the brush when I run low on product and continue my line.



Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette – another look August 21, 2011

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15 days ago I received my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette.  I reviewed that here. I still absolutely love that palette.  Unfortunately it is a very large palette so it is not easy to tote around – those shadows need to be used at home and nearly planned. Its unfortunate because I think it is probably my favorite palette. Anyway, I had some extra time the other day and wanted to play with my beautiful toy.  I realized that I’d never thought I would be able to use Junkshow – the hot pink one in the middle.  I decided to dare myself to figure out a look with that one.  I decided to start with Chase. On my skin it comes up as a lustrous gold color. I put it all over. Then I decided upon Evidence, the highly pigmented super saturated dark-wash denim color. I used that on my eyelid and just under my eye. This was already outside my comfort zone and I still had to add HOT PINK.  Ok, I calmed myself down and decided that I would use Junkshow in the crease.  I tried that and voila – it actually looked decent. I did just a minimal amount of blending then added some Vanilla at my brow bone and inner eye for good measure.  I topped the whole thing off with my jet black cream eyeliner and 2 coats of Dior waterproof mascara. I think it kinda looks like an upside-down sunset. I think it is super pretty. This photo just doesn’t do it justice!

How would you use junkshow?

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Urban Decay. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


Opi Designer Series – Magic August 20, 2011

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If you like nail polish you definitely would know of Opi – even if you’d never used it.  I’ve learned lately that I don’t pick or bite my nails when they have polish on them – so in hopes of them growing out nice in time for the cruise I have been expanding my polish collection. My latest snag was one of the Opi Designer Series- Magic. Magic is the newest shade (along with Radiance) to the collection. It is a sapphire/cobalt blue. It has purple and blue micro glitter in it. If you are looking for something to compare it to, the blue on “smart water” bottles is the same color. It goes on quite transparent for the first coat. I was concerned that I missed that it was intended as a finishing coat or something. The second coat helped a lot, and a 3rd coat made it completely opaque.



August Birchbox – Smashbox Photo Finish Review August 19, 2011

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The final instalment of my August Birch Box reviews is the Smashbox Photo Finish face primer. The claim is that it provides a perfect base for a foundation for a flawless natural look. Smashbox says that it helps minimize the appearance of fine lines as well as be light feeling and long lasting.

A few months ago I took a makeup class. I didn’t have a clue about doing my own makeup and in November I am getting married on a cruise, so I wanted to be able to do my own wedding makeup (which led to my current obsession).  Anyway, my instructor, Shanelle, told me that I NEEDED this product for my wedding day. During my personal shopping day with her, she snagged a mini for me in the Sephora aisle of evil (the impulse items that you have to walk through on your way to pay).  I hadn’t used it yet because it is quite expensive, and I don’t typically use a primer since I typically use a tinted moisturizer.

Anyway this super mini gave me a perfect reason to try it! Yay.  So what’s the verdict?

I like it, the primer does have a light feel – almost like a silicone feel. It goes on really smoothly and lasts. It lets me use half as much of my foundation or moisturizer since those don’t soak into my skin really anymore.

Below are three sets of photos – each has one WITH the primer and one without. Not telling which is which yet – check it out and see if you can tell. (Large photos)



August Birchbox Review – Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity gel August 18, 2011

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I’m overdue on my final two products, but they took more time to prepare. I didn’t want to try the Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity gel on a work day since I didn’t know how it would go. The product claims to defriz curls without leaving them crunchy.

I followed their “rake and shake” instructions where you start at the nape of your neck and apply a small amount of product by raking your hands through your hair then shaking it to get the curl reset. This is done in chunks until you’ve gotten all your hair.

I was at first super impressed – wow, it really did a nice job of enhancing my natural curls. Until it dried. I’m not sure where they got the “no crunch” from but my hair felt like straw once it was dry. The next day I brushed it out and it got better – but it still wasn’t great.

My overall impression is that I will not be purchasing this ever. I suppose I’ve had crunchier hair from other products, but I’d rather not have any crunch.

For those who want to give this a try, it is $16 for 6oz. You can get it at Birchbox:


August Birchbox – Twistband Hair Ties Review August 14, 2011

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20110814-162927.jpgTwistband Hair Ties are the item that everyone received in their August box. This is the one item that escapes me as far as it’s usefulness. Essentially it is a really wide flat piece of elastic wrapped in a stretchy fabric and tied in a knot.

I’m not a fan of scrunchies but at least they are “finished” all the way around. These have an open seam at the end which has already started fraying on mine (through my 3 uses). They claim that due to their width compared to standard elastic hairbands that they don’t leave a hair crease. I have found this to be an accurate statement. They also suggest that it looks nice on the wrist, not so to me, for me (and I have a tiny wrist) it felt too tight, no it didn’t cut off circulation but still, and it looked like I had walked out of my craft room with a scrap of fabric tied to my wrist.

As you can probably tell I did not love this product. But if you fancy it, they are for sale in packs of 3 in various colors at Birchbox for $5.00.

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Birchbox or any of the brands included in the box. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


Birchbox Review – Shaveworks The Cool Fix Review August 13, 2011

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This is my second review of the August Birchbox. Today I will talk about Shaveworks’ The Cool Fix targeted Gel Lotion. Love it! Here is their claim “This formula combines powerful exfoliating agents to help release trapped hairs from underneath the skin, kill bacteria, and prevent ingrown hairs from reoccurring. It spreads quickly and evenly over skin, offering clinical levels of soothing relief for irritated patches under the arms, in the bikini area, or on the legs.”

I use an epilator, mostly because I hate shaving and this cuts down the frequency a bunch. As a result though, I get really irritated skin for the next day that itches. I also get ingrown hairs if I don’t exfoliate my legs.

In comes Shaveworks to the rescue! After the last time I epilated (Wednesday) I slathered this stuff on. It felt cooling – almost like when you put aloe on your sunburn. It went on very nicely and a little went a long way. Within about 15 minutes the normal irritation had gone away. No itching ever started, and today I’ve looked and I don’t really see any in grown hairs.

You can pick up this nifty find all over. Here are two links to get you started- the small size (2oz) typically runs about $11 with the large size (5.3) running $25.

If you ever have shave/wax/epilator issues you should try it out!

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Birchbox or any of the brands included in the box. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


Birchbox Review – June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Mask August 12, 2011

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First off – I need to say thank you –  yesterday was a record number of hits on this blog – you guys rock.

Here’s  my first review of a Birchbox product – the June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Mask. The photo is only of the sample size. The normal size one is 3.7 oz. This product claims to disolve dead skin cells and brighten the complexion without causing irritation as well as help with wrinkles, hydrate, and protect the skin.  There are a TON of fruit extracts in there, but there are also pleanty of man made substances.

Once you open it you will find a pleasant scented cream. It is the consistancy of a light body butter. It really feels like you are puting lotion on your face – very different from the other masks I’ve used.  I put it on and then in a few minutes hopped in the shower.  It was on my face for probably 6 minutes before I washed it away (suggested use is 3-10 minutes). 

As advertised I felt no irritation, no burning, no scratching. I also found my face feeling freshly moisturized for the rest of the day.  I personally didn’t notice any brightening or complexion help – but it did feel nice. I will probably get 5 more masks out of that 0.5 oz pot.

The product sells for $62.00 for 3.7 oz (which is probably 35-40 masks) and it suggests using them once/week. It is available all over, but here are a couple links:

Will I buy it again? Not likely – I really love my 2 Borghese Fango masks – and they cost far less/fluid oz. I’ll review those another time.

Give this mask a shot though – it seems nice, and I bet it would be perfect for a lot of people.

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Birchbox or any of the brands included in the box. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.