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Cargo – Eye Bronzer June 10, 2012

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Today I bring you the Cargo – Eye Bronzer from the May Glossy Box. This is a golden loose pigment that has a built in sponge applicator. The intent is to give a color that will help illuminate your eye area.

There were good things and bad things about this shadow. The color is really complimentary – at least on my skin and it stays on all day. It is also a nice shimmer and is nearly metallic – which I like.

The first negative is that the applicator is stored inside the pigment well. This means that unless you clean the applicator after every use you are getting your eye gunk/bacteria in the well just like with a liquid eyeliner or mascara – to me that is wasteful because you will have to throw it out just to stay sanitary.

The second bad thing is that it has horrible fallout.  Because it is a sponge you are dipping into a well you can’t easily control the amount of pigment you are grabbing – as a result you will probably grab more than you need so when you apply it you will end up with golden freckles on your cheek. The color and payoff is worth it – so my recomendation to you is that you put this on BEFORE you do any other makeup. That way if you make a mess you can wipe it off without ruining your hard work.

I would have prefered the pigment in a little pot so I could use a brush – but I can live with it.

Would I buy this product again? It seems they only make this color, so I have no real use to buy it again.

Will I finish the sample? I’ll keep using it till it goes bad.

Here’s the breakdown:

Sample Size: 0.035 oz
Full Size: 0.035 oz
Full Size Price: $22.00
Sample Value: $22.00

FTC  Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Glossy Box or any of the brands included in the Box. Items were won as part of an anonymous contest.  Regardless of cost of the items I promise to always give you my open and honest opinion. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


L’Oréal Paris Wear Infinite Pressed Eyeshadow – 901 Sweet Chemise May 26, 2012

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Today I bring you the L’Oréal Paris Wear Infinite Pressed Eyeshadow in 901 Sweet Chemise that I received in my May Look Bag.So, I’m getting a little confused about the Look Bag items.  Last month I received the Laura  Mercier moisturizing water, which was using the title that was now an outdated product.  Before the April Look Bag was even sent out, Laura Mercier had already changed the name of the product and was marketing it as something different.  This month I received the L’Oreal Paris Wear Infinite Pressed eyeshadow, and that seems to be a discontinued product as well.  On the L’Oreal websites they no longer carry a Wear Infinite Pressed Eyeshadow anymore.  Upon searching for the Wear Infinite  Eyeshadow, I found some items for sale that were claimed to be discontinued and were being sold as such.  This product does not seem to be something that is available for purchase any longer.

I’ll still try it out though.  This pressed eyeshadow is a light goldish yellow.  It does feel smooth and not chalky.  On my skin, the color is not very obvious so when I use it I have to use it as a highlight color.  I have tried it a few times since I received it, and it is okay, for a drugstore brand.  Using a primer, the shadow lasted for about 6 hours before it started creasing and fading.  The performance is not amazing, but for the price points that L’Oreal eyeshadows are sold for this performs adequately.

Would I buy this product again?  Probably not, I have lots of eyeshadows that I really like in a plethora of colors so adding less amazing products to my collection isn’t something I plan to do.

Well I finished the sample?  Yes, I will continue using this color on whenever it seems like it would go with the look I’m trying to create.

Here’s the breakdown:

Sample Size:  0.08 oz
Full Size:  0.08 oz
Full Size Price:  $3.00
Sample Value: $3.00*            This price is based on the items I found for sale on sites that sell discontinued L’Oréal products.


FTC  Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by The Look Bag or any of the brands included in the bag. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


My Glam Classic Crease Brush and Case Review March 31, 2012

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During March, MyGlam’s bag contained a single eyeshadow crease/blender with a neat faux leather case.  Some complained about the smell, but to me it went away after one day out in the open.  The brush is fairly nice, I’ve used it for blending a few times and it is soft and pleasant.  The hairs are not coarse. I like the details that the company put with the MyGlam embossed in the case and the silver painted name.

The brush head is full but not too full.

 I know there are a lot of companies that will create custom brushes for companies, but I think this might have been a crown brush because when I compared the head to the blender brush they had on Hautelook the other day they looked nearly identical.  Its just a guess though.  My value estimate is based on that guess as well.
Will I buy it again? Since they don’t really sell the brushes through MyGlam
Will I finish the sample? Again it doesn’t really pertain to this, but I have already added the brush to my daily arsenal.
Sample Size Value $8.00

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by MyGlam or any of the brands included in the bag. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Book of Shadows IV (shadows) Review February 28, 2012

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I was on Hautelook last month and they had Urban Decay as one of their features. I’ve been wanting the Book of Shadows for awhile – some of the colors looked amazing – and seeing it on Hautelook for only $29.00 I knew I had to grab it.  I am glad I did. I am also glad that I didn’t spend all $56 of the original price for this palette (not that it isn’t worth it, but I got it for almost half price).

This palette is large – we are talking book sized – so there is no question in my mind why it is called the Book of Shadows.  Some people have reviewed it and said it was gimmicky.  Ok so yeh, I don’t need a mini speaker to use makeup – but there are 16 0.03 oz shadows (full size shadows are 0.05 oz and run for $17.00 each).  Most of the shadows are the typical Urban Decay formulas that are very highly pigmented and smooth and luxurious. Two of them Gunmetal and Gravity are not as pigmented as I am used to from Urban Decay.

Loads of photos below –



MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow in “Bellbottom Blues” Review February 23, 2012

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This is the conclusion of my second 6 part series of my new Beauty Army Kit* where I review each of my new samples and their relative value.

Today I’m going to share my opinion of the MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow in Bellbottom Blues. I picked this as one of my 6 samples (out of my nine options) from the new Beauty Sample Kit, Beauty Army. Since I had gotten one in the last kit SP”ICE”Y I basically knew what I was in for but I was still excited – even though this was a color I didn’t expect to be able to use very much.

Lets start with the packaging. it was a clear plastic case. The packaging is not all that amazing, but it is good enough for its purpose. Now lets compare similar priced product’s packaging, Urban decay has the cute Subway Token, Too Faced has the cute flowers, The Balm has cute tins, and Lancome has the slider tops, this product’s packaging is ok, but not up to those standards.

What about the important part, the product?



Naked 2 by Urban Decay February 6, 2012

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Naked 2 has been heralded as the most anticipated sequel in the makeup world.  At first I thought “what’s the hype all about?” but then I saw it in person at Sephora and I understood. There are some great colors in it that I don’t already have – yes there are some I already have from the Naked 1 palette and the 15th Anniversary palette but overall, for me, this is a mostly new set of colors.  Even though there only seems to be so many different looks you can do with neutral colors, there is really a much more diverse set of looks than you would expect.

As with the Naked 1 palette there are shimmers (Booty call, chopper, suspect, pistol, verve, busted), glitters (half baked, snake bite, ydk)  and mattes (foxy, tease, blackout).  This palette is a plastic tray resting inside a metal case, which certainly seems like an upgrade. when I bought this it came with a double-sided  Urban Decay Karma  brush which is a completely different size than the one from the first palette. It also came with a lip gloss which I will talk about in a future post.



Too Faced Natural At Night Sexy & Sultry Neutral Eye Shadow Collection February 5, 2012

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I was at Sephora picking up the Naked 2 palette  last week (first week of February) and I realized that I had wanted to also get this new palette from Too Faced, the Natural at Night collection.  I went over to the Too Faced area and it was not there – super sad right? Luckily they weren’t really busy so I was able to catch one of the employees there and she said she’d check in the back. They had JUST gotten their shipment in and no one in the store had even seen the palette yet! They all had to check it out and look at the pretty colors which they ooed and ahhed over and were totally jealous.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy Too Faced’s quality, but I find a lot of their palettes somewhat repetitive.  This one was different enough and a couple of the colors were just to die for, so I got it.  This was a mixture palette where they had three different finishes, shimmer, glitter, and matte. As usual the palette is housed in a sturdy cardboard container with a magnetic lid.  There is no mirror but a pocket in the lid that contains three cards that show you how to get the look.  On the lower area are the nine shadows, three of which are double the size of the others and can double as highlighters or other things.  Some of their palettes include an applicator – this one does not which is fine with me.

All of the colors are really smooth and go on with fairly full coverage. As with many brands, the glitters (Night Light and  Night Fever)  have a bit of fall out upon application but they don’t  fall out throughout the wearing of it – so just protect under your eye when you apply it and you will be set.