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BzzAgent Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee November 26, 2012

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Today I bring you Green Mountain Fair Trade coffees that I received from BzzAgent.  First I’ll start by telling you about the flavors and then about why fair trade coffee is a good choice.

I was sent 4 flavors, Vermont Country Blend, Sumatran Reserve – Extra Dark, Columbian Fair Trade Select, and Wild Mountain Blueberry.

Vermont Country Blend – This is a mild coffee, like a breakfast blend. It goes well with everything and is not bitter. Using my Keurig I was able to get a perfect cup at 10oz. This is well balanced but not very aromatic.

Sumatran Reserve– This is a BOLD coffee. It is very aromatic. It smells like a coffeehouse. Brewing the k-cup at 12oz was still to strong for me, but my husband adored it and asked me to buy more.

Columbian Fair Trade Select – This coffee is on the Bold side but not as strong as the Sumatran. It is aromatic and not too bitter. It doesn’t have an incredible amount of acidity either.

Wild Mountain Blueberry – I was not expecting to like this, but once I brewed it it smelled like I made coffee and fresh blueberry muffins.  That is also what it tasted like when I drank it. It was super delicious. I will definitely get this again.
Now, lets talk Fair Trade.

Fair trade is when farmers in third world countries are introduced to methods of building a sustaining business model. With the help of  the brands who support fair trade, these farmers are given reasonable pay and premiums for their work.  The farmers also have access to healthcare and child labor is prohibited.  The farmers communities also receive premiums for predetermined development activities. Buying Fair Trade products like this coffee creates a sustainable future and transfers more of the profit to the hard working men and women. These products will be similarly priced to other high quality items, but mass marketed – mass produced items will still be cheaper, but they will also still be lower quality.

Now that I’ve learned about the benefits of Fair Trade, if I have a choice between a fair trade product and something else, I know which I’ll choose…What about you?


Information about Fair Trade from

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I voted today November 6, 2012

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I voted today. Did you?

Here’s why!

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Fall Back November 3, 2012

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If your US location observes daylight savings time it is now time to “Fall Back” tonight (Technically tomorrow at 02:00). You will need to turn your clocks back 1 hour (so if you go to bed at 9pm then right before you turn in you should set your clock to 8pm).

If you have a smart  phone and you have automatic date/time set and don’t have anything disabling DST then you should be good to go, but check your microwaves, ovens, most cars, and your handy wrist watch to make sure they are ok – remember VCRs? If you have one of those you should check it too – you don’t want to miss taping an episode of The Young and the Restless – Is that still on?

Anyway – enjoy the extra hour of beauty sleep or the extra hour to party!

*Art inspired by Dalí


Get out and VOTE November 2, 2012

During the last Presidential Election only about 50% of the population who are able to vote voted. That means that only half of the country decided who would make the laws and affect change.  For those of you who think voting your conscience is still wasting a vote because your state is always different than you or because no one from your party ever gets elected…it isn’t.



Influenster is back! October 16, 2012

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Hi everyone, is back and better than ever. If you want to get in on this new version of influenster you need to request an invite.  I have 3 invitations remaining, so if you want one, let me know and you’ll get in on it immediately.  Here is my review of the new!

BzzAgent Smartfood Selects October 10, 2012

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One more food post then I’ll go back to beauty products for awhile. Today I bring you Smartfood Selects. I received 3 bags of different flavored treats and I’ll tell you how I liked them.



BzzAgent Glade Expressions Review

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Today I bring you Glade Expressions. There are two, fairly new (to glade at least) methods of freshening your home.  Remember  when Glade entered the market? Their jingle was “Plug it in, plug it in”. I guess with the concern about our carbon foot prints, leaving something plugged in day and night that is constantly running has become a faux-pas, so Glade has introduced a Oil Diffuser and a spray mist.



BzzAgent Luster Premium White Kit Review August 28, 2012

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Do you remember 1996? Do you remember the commercial where the teacher quizzes her students on colors and gets to her teeth (for white) and gets lots of light colors that are not white?  Here’s a link to that old commercial  Anyway, I was afraid those children (now adults) would point and tell me what shade of cream my teeth were (especially after all that Iced Coffee I’ve been drinking).



Book Review ★★★☆☆ July 30, 2012

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I know I don’t normally do this, but I just read a couple books you  may not have heard of. Usually the books I read are quite mainstream and there are bazillions of reviews and bits of info on the books. 

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a member of Bzz agent and part of their program is that they give you items to try so that you can share information on it.  You should know by now that I will say whether I like or don’t like something, so I figure: they gave me this book to share info about so I should share (good or bad).

Here’s the review:

The Hangman’s Daughter (book 1)
The Dark Monk (book 2)
Author: Oliver Pötzsch
Translator:  Lee Chadeayne

The Hangman’s Daughter and the Dark Monk were both originally written in German, Oliver Pötzsch’s native language. The translation seems good, but I suspect some of the nuance was left out.

The story, a who-done-it mystery, was interesting and held my attention, but it was not a “read it over-and-over again” type of novel. I like being able to solve the mystery ahead of the book revealing it – but the villians were not really people that any clues pointed to, which was a disappointment to me. Additionally, and this is probably the classic literature snob in me, the characters remained the same throughout. No one seemed to grow or learn from what occurred, it was as if they went through the motions of the story and came out the exact same person.

All in all, the book was enjoyable and I’d recommend it to someone looking for an interesting change from what they normally read. It is a reasonably priced novel and provides a weekend’s worth of entertainment.

Would I read each a second time? No

Were they worth finishing? Yes

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes, it is worth a read – and you might like it more than me


This book is available in Hardcover, paperback, Kindel (free if you are in Amazon Prime), and e-book.

FTC Disclosure: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR ( My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! I do not conduct paid reviews or guarantee reviews. I promise to remain truthful with you. If you are uncertain what this all means, I suggest you to read my Disclosure Policy for further clarification.


Influenster – the Spring Beauty Box – Wrap Up July 11, 2012

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I’ve had a chance to use and review all of the products from April and decide on how much I liked them. So now it is time to do my bag wrap up.

In case you don’t remember, here is a summary of the Awesomeness level:

Box Awesomeness Level Review (AL)

  • 5 points for an item that surpasses everything else I’ve tried and becomes my #1 choice for what role it fulfills
  • 4 points for an item that becomes added to my permanent collection of cosmetics and I will repurchase
  • 3 points for an item that joins my “I might buy this again” list
  • 2 points for an item I finished or will finish the entire sample of but in the end decided not to re-purchase
  • 1 point for an item that I tried and immediately threw out/gave away
  • 0 points if the item was a duplicate of something from a previous bag/box/kit that only scored a 1 in that box – meaning I knew enough to not even bother with trying it.
  • Don’t forget that I subtract 1/2 point for samples that can only be used 2 or fewer times.

Click “more” to see how this kit rated…