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Influenster is back! October 16, 2012

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Hi everyone, is back and better than ever. If you want to get in on this new version of influenster you need to request an invite.  I have 3 invitations remaining, so if you want one, let me know and you’ll get in on it immediately.  Here is my review of the new!

Blinc Tubing Mascara – Review July 10, 2012

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Today I bring you the blinc tubing mascara that I received in my May Total Beauty Box. This mascara is a polymer that coats your lashes all the way around  with a tube and is supposed to stay on all day even if you go swimming, cry, or workout. 

This sounds like a revolutionary product….does it hold up?



I’m Back! and I’ve got Mascara – Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes November 27, 2011

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I am now officially married! Hurray. Jared and I have been together for about 3 years and we tied the knot on 11-11-11 on a cruise ship. For the special occasion I wanted special eyes (more on that later) so I figured I’d invest in a super nice mascara that I’ve been lusting after.  About a day before I left to go to Texas for the wedding, my doll eyes kit arrived (lash primer, mascara, and liquid liner), so I just grabbed it and brought it with me without trying it.  Remember how I liked  Lancôme Hypnôse Drama? I figured this would be just as good if not better.  I was smart and brought two other mascaras I’ve used and liked before just in case this was not the miracle eye I’ve been looking for.

Did I end up wearing it for the wedding? no – and here is why.



Make Up For Ever HD concealer review October 25, 2011

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Do you ever have those mornings where the area under your eyes looks like Grimace sat on them and left some of his purple behind?  Since my LASIK procedure a few months ago I have had more problems with tired looking and feeling eyes than ever before.  I’ve started using eye creams daily and that has helped a bit but I still get these purple bags. Yep I get that they are not as bad as some people get – but it still bugs me.  So what do I do? I put some concealer there and hope no one else notices!  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got a stash I keep at work. Currently in that stash is the Make Up For Ever HD concealer. I bought this one because I’ve always heard that you should use a concealer that is lighter than your own skin color. Well, I’m super pasty – like bad, so it was difficult finding a concealer that light colored. Additionally my skin has a slight pink tint so yellow based products usually make me look ill – Make Up For Ever HD concealer came in the color I needed so I snatched it up!



Anastasia Illumin8 with Youghful Synergy™ Review October 20, 2011

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Today I bring you the Anastasia Illumin8 with Youghful Synergy™ palette. I chose palette number 1 when I bought this product. The colors really seemed to be more me than the other palettes – also they had more colors as some of the palettes “duo” space only held one color. Anyway this palette holds 8 different colors. Starting from left to right there are (my descriptions – there are no names on the packaging): Matte Beige, Shimmery Beige, Shimmery Dusty Rose, Shimmery Brownish Burgundy, Shimmery Pepto Bismal Pink, Shimmery dusty brown, Shimmery lavendar, and Shimmery eggplant.  None of the Shimmers are incredibly shiny – though the beige does come the closest.

Lets see if I liked it and how much.



Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Cream Liner Review October 7, 2011

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My favorite drug store brand remains Physicians Formula. I have been using today’s product for months now, but not talked about it too much. It is the Shimmer Strips custom eye enhancing gel cream liner for Green Eyes.

What is it, you ask? It is a set of 3 cream/gel eye liners that compliment your eye color – so you buy the set for the color your eyes are (green, blue, brown, hazel). My eyes (as you’ve probably noticed from the mascara comparisons) are green – so I bought the green set.

This particular set has three colors, matte green, matte purple, and black with green sparkles – very subtle sparkles. They come in three little pots that have caps that allow them to attach to each other – I consider them lego’s for adults.  Some people have siad they have trouble getting these apart, but truly, you just pull really hard and they come off – you won’t break anything (you can also try prying with a screwdriver or butter knife).

Unlike many stack-able potted products these each have their own caps instead of using the bottom of the next product as a cap, which allows you to throw just one in your purse or keep them all together – whichever you want.



Diorshow Blackout Waterproof Mascara – Review October 6, 2011

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Today I bring you the first “high-end” mascara I ever bought. I’m nearing its expiration date and I wanted to share how awesome it is before I have to throw it out! When I took the makeup lessons I referred to in previous posts I also went on a personal shopping trip with the instructor. She told me that if I was to buy just one thing that day it should be this mascara.

Did I end up agreeing?