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June MyGlam August 16, 2012

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MyGlam has been pretty fun lately with a good mixture of types of products.  They have also been mixing their bags up a bit. This month was a party-ready gold glitter bag. I was really nervous about all the glitter but none of it came off. I can totally see myself using it for a party where I fear that my stuff might get spilled on.

So what came inside this shiny shiny bag of goodness?



June Beauty Army August 6, 2012

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Happy August everyone. I’m still moving stuff out of boxes and into my house – and now the Olympics are on – so I’ve got to catch that – ya know?

I actually chose my own samples this time, and was excited to try the “surprise me” option for one of the 6 samples.  What I didn’t know was that it could duplicate a product you had already received.
Obviously from that statement I received a product I’d gotten before…

Which one was it?



June Glossy Box July 31, 2012

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It is nearly August (and my August Glossy Box arrived today) so I figured I should probably share my June Glossy Box items. June’s theme was Beauty Around the World.  Each of the items are from different places on the globe. 

So what wonderful items were included from each of the 5 countries?



Sindulge – May or June or? July 30, 2012

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Here is another company which has dropped off the face of the earth, and with good reason I suppose.  If you are a company looking to get into the sample subscription business please learn from these other companies shortcomings and failures. Sindulge was plagued with issues since its debut. The idea was to have a consultation with a personal beauty curator to help define what sorts of products you should be sent.  Both times that I had a consultation the “Video chat” was not working…but I didn’t receive any notification from the consultant that I needed to switch over to the text platform – and it seemed the consultants were distracted, because the text conversations were very slow. The samples were not sent promptly, though they did resemble the conversation, and customer service was lacking. All in all, had I not started with a 1 year subscription, I would have been droping them after this anyway.

What all was included for May or June or whatever month it was supposed to be for?



Sisley-Paris Hydra Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration – Review July 24, 2012

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Today I bring you the Sisley-Paris Hydra Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration lotion. I had planned on saying that spending that much money on a face cream was ludicrous.  I can’t say that.

This thick, rich, luxurious cream is what skin care dreams are made of. God I wish I had $250.00.  This cream is supposed to return your skin’s hydration balance giving you a more youthful appearance.  I used it the first night, and thought “meh- it is similar to the Erno Laszlo velvet night cream” then I kept using it – for about 5 nights before I ran out. Every morning my skin felt better and better and better – seriously! My face felt soft and smooth, like it had before I hit puberty and had issues with acne. My bb cream went on smoother and more evenly (which I thought was impossible since it went on so nice before), and overall it just looked better. 

I swear I didn’t remember this was my expensive face sample at the time, I just had it out on my counter and used it – then I was thinking “I love this” so I went back to see what box it was from – my heart sank.  I can’t afford this – but I need this!

In any case, if you have the cash to spare, get it – seriously you will not be sorry, it is AMAZING.  If you have even more cash to spare please get me one!

Would I buy this again? I plan to save up for it – but my husband is liable to kill me if he sees the price tag.

Will I finish the sample? I did and loved it.

Here’s the breakdown:
Sample Size:  0.14 oz
Full Size:  1.4 oz
Full Size Price: $250.00  
Sample Value: $25.00   

FTC  Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Beauty Bar Sample Society  or any of the brands included in the box.  Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


June – The Look Bag July 22, 2012

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Today I bring you what is probably the last Look Bag review that I will write.  On July 18th I received the following note:

As many of you know, we have been experiencing some troubles in the recent months with our beauty sample program The Look Bag. We have thought very long and hard about this decision and it very much saddens us to say that we have decided to discontinue The Look Bag while we refocus on The Look to bring you the very best in celebrity beauty picks.

Those that have purchased gift subscriptions for 3, 6 and 12 months, or yearly subscriptions will be refunded for remaining months. Those who have not yet been charged for July, will not be receiving a July bag. 

My guess is that I will NOT be getting a July bag as we are 9 days from August. Bummer! That’s okay – I really did feel like we were being sent mostly older items that were no longer in style.

They sent the June bag out at the end of June instead of the beginning explaining that they were trying to package their products more carefully after complaints of subscribers.

So what was included in this “well packaged” but still “last” bag?



June Beauty Bar Sample Society July 17, 2012

Today I bring you the June Beauty Bar Sample Society Box. This box is filled with premium goodies again, and that is sooo exciting to me that I can try things lots of times if I want – in order to decide if I want to purchase it in the future. Yes they are mostly still samples – but they are big enough that if I took a week or two vacation I could take them along and not run out until the last day!

I’m was pleased with the boxes contents at first glimps (even though I don’t like perfume samples) and happily began using the products.

So what was included in the box AND how did I like the products? (more…)