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Too Faced Natural At Night Sexy & Sultry Neutral Eye Shadow Collection February 5, 2012

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I was at Sephora picking up the Naked 2 palette  last week (first week of February) and I realized that I had wanted to also get this new palette from Too Faced, the Natural at Night collection.  I went over to the Too Faced area and it was not there – super sad right? Luckily they weren’t really busy so I was able to catch one of the employees there and she said she’d check in the back. They had JUST gotten their shipment in and no one in the store had even seen the palette yet! They all had to check it out and look at the pretty colors which they ooed and ahhed over and were totally jealous.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy Too Faced’s quality, but I find a lot of their palettes somewhat repetitive.  This one was different enough and a couple of the colors were just to die for, so I got it.  This was a mixture palette where they had three different finishes, shimmer, glitter, and matte. As usual the palette is housed in a sturdy cardboard container with a magnetic lid.  There is no mirror but a pocket in the lid that contains three cards that show you how to get the look.  On the lower area are the nine shadows, three of which are double the size of the others and can double as highlighters or other things.  Some of their palettes include an applicator – this one does not which is fine with me.

All of the colors are really smooth and go on with fairly full coverage. As with many brands, the glitters (Night Light and  Night Fever)  have a bit of fall out upon application but they don’t  fall out throughout the wearing of it – so just protect under your eye when you apply it and you will be set.


Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review August 4, 2011

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Hello fellow beauties! Today I bring you the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette.  I’ve heard a lot of people say some not so nice things about the palette, like that it is bland or boring. I think it’s a good addition to any stash. The top row is the standard matte that can be used for anything. The second row is a little edgier due to the shimmer in the shadows, but it is still easy to do subtle.  The third row deemed “fashion” is a fun one to work with. 

Now, I’m a neutral skin tone so I’m lucky, I can wear silver, gold, red, and beige and look nice regardless, so I’m wondering if people don’t like this palette because they are the wrong skin tone to pull it off. It seems that warmer skin tones would pull it off better than cool



Too Faced Romantic Eye Review July 14, 2011

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As I introduced myself to you yesterday, I noted that I work in a fairly conservative workplace, so my looks need to keep my makeup in fairly muted tones. A second palette I keep at my desk is the too faced romantic eye. I bought this one specifically because the picture on the front is so pretty.