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May Inaugural Total Beauty Collection – Wrap Up July 11, 2012

I’ve had a chance to use and review all of the products from April and decide on how much I liked them. So now it is time to do my bag wrap up.

In case you don’t remember, here is a summary of the Awesomeness level:

Box Awesomeness Level Review (AL)

  • 5 points for an item that surpasses everything else I’ve tried and becomes my #1 choice for what role it fulfills
  • 4 points for an item that becomes added to my permanent collection of cosmetics and I will repurchase
  • 3 points for an item that joins my “I might buy this again” list
  • 2 points for an item I finished or will finish the entire sample of but in the end decided not to re-purchase
  • 1 point for an item that I tried and immediately threw out/gave away
  • 0 points if the item was a duplicate of something from a previous bag/box/kit that only scored a 1 in that box – meaning I knew enough to not even bother with trying it.
  • Don’t forget that I subtract 1/2 point for samples that can only be used 2 or fewer times.

Click “more” to see how this kit rated…



June Jacobs: Green Tea and Cucumber Body Balm July 10, 2012

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Today I bring you the June Jacobs Green Tea and Cucumber Body Balm that I received in my May Total Beauty Collection. This medium-thick white cream has a very light scent. I suppose it does smell like green tea and cucumber, but it is soooo mild that I just can’t put my finger on it.  My husband likes the smell though.

The cream is somewhat moisturizing – it is not intensive but it does give lots of moisture. For me, I couldn’t use it in the winter because I get far too dry, but it is just perfect for spring and fall, with something lighter yet needed for summer.

I like it a lot and if the June Jacobs line wasn’t so expensive I’d get it again.

Would I buy this product again? No, even though I really liked it, it is too expensive for a body balm.

Will I finish the sample? I did, and enjoyed every dallop of it.

Here’s the breakdown:

 June Jacobs: Green Tea and Cucumber Body Balm
Sample Size:   1.6 oz
Full Size: 7.0 oz
Full Size Price: $50.00
Sample Value: $11.42

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Total Beauty Collection or any of the brands included in the collection. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


May Inaugural Total Beauty Collection – Initial Impressions May 15, 2012

Oh my goodness I have been getting a lot of my subscriptions over the last week – must catch up – must start reviewing! Yikes.

Yet another site has jumped on the sample bandwagon. This month was Total Beauty Collection’s inaugural set. Total Beauty Collection is a curated set of 4-6 deluxe beauty samples each month for $15.00/month.  I got the email and I bit. I really am having a good time with all these sample companies and trying all the different products – many of which I never knew existed.

Total Beauty has taken a different approach on its packaging. The parcel is neither bag nor sturdy box…it is what is known as a “pillow box” (yes I had to google it) and it has a cut out flap in which reside the samples. 

What was in the box this first month, you ask?



Birchbox Review – June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Mask August 12, 2011

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First off – I need to say thank you –  yesterday was a record number of hits on this blog – you guys rock.

Here’s  my first review of a Birchbox product – the June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Mask. The photo is only of the sample size. The normal size one is 3.7 oz. This product claims to disolve dead skin cells and brighten the complexion without causing irritation as well as help with wrinkles, hydrate, and protect the skin.  There are a TON of fruit extracts in there, but there are also pleanty of man made substances.

Once you open it you will find a pleasant scented cream. It is the consistancy of a light body butter. It really feels like you are puting lotion on your face – very different from the other masks I’ve used.  I put it on and then in a few minutes hopped in the shower.  It was on my face for probably 6 minutes before I washed it away (suggested use is 3-10 minutes). 

As advertised I felt no irritation, no burning, no scratching. I also found my face feeling freshly moisturized for the rest of the day.  I personally didn’t notice any brightening or complexion help – but it did feel nice. I will probably get 5 more masks out of that 0.5 oz pot.

The product sells for $62.00 for 3.7 oz (which is probably 35-40 masks) and it suggests using them once/week. It is available all over, but here are a couple links:

Will I buy it again? Not likely – I really love my 2 Borghese Fango masks – and they cost far less/fluid oz. I’ll review those another time.

Give this mask a shot though – it seems nice, and I bet it would be perfect for a lot of people.

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Birchbox or any of the brands included in the box. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


August Birchbox – My Items August 11, 2011

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Yesterday night was one of those times when I was just COMPLETELY surprised! Last month my Birchbox arrived at the end of July, around the 20th. Everyone had already discussed each of the differences between the boxes and so I didn’t discuss mine since it was Old News at that point. This month I received mine on the 9th! Seriously the 9th – it wasn’t even expected to ship until the 10th. And No, I’m not complaining – I promise. So I got my BirchBox in last night, and quickly opened it up to show you my swag!

A lot of people expressed their disappointment with last month’s Cynthia Rowley picks – it was my first box, so I didn’t know better. I was saddened that I didn’t get the eyeliner – but still it was a reasonably nice set of items which I’ve tried each at least once.  This month I was really hoping for it to be cosmetics heavy since that’s why I signed up for it – past boxes had lots of them.