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The Natural Dentist Rinse September 20, 2011

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The Natural Dentist Rinse is probably my least favorite item from my Influenster August Naturals Vox Box. This is a mouth wash made of Aloe Vera. I am used to mouth washes tasting icky, but this?

I saw this and really wanted to like it – it seemed like such a great idea – washing your mouth with Aloe. So, I shook it up as instructed, poured out my adult dose, swished it around, spit, rinsed, rinsed, rinsed, rinsed – the taste never went away – brushed – the taste was still there – ate something. Okay, next time I was ready to try it again knowing that the taste was pretty bad. I shook it up after verifying the cap was on tight, took my dose and still decided it was not a good flavor to me. Then I looked at my uncapped bottle which had apparently, during removal of my cap, allowed a lot of the product to seep onto my counter – sticky icky. So they get an F- for packaging, and a D for flavor, but the one thing that it did pretty well was leave my teeth feeling super smooth. I’d be open to trying it again if it were reformulated.
If you are willing to deal with the horrible flavor to enjoy smooth feeling teeth than try it! If not, go get a sonic crest tooth brush which will leave your teeth feeling smooth – and you can use any darn toothpaste flavor you like.

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