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Nails for a cure October 7, 2011


Every Friday this month I will be doing my nails in a color or scheme related to Breast Cancer Awareness.

As you may know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you are at a grocery store and there is a choice between the normal packaging and pink packaging – grab the pink because during this month those special products typically have some amount of the profit donated to one of the breast cancer charities.

If you want a quick easy way to donate money click this link. I’ve got my two favorite charities here (this is also my bridal registry – I just want donations to breast cancer research). I am NOT a pink person, but for my mom, and

survivors like her I will wear pink – even on my nails.

And here they are! These are a lovely magenta that has a tiny bit of a blue tint depending on the angle. I don’t recall the color’s name but I will replace this sentence once I find out.

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