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Sindulge – April – First Impressions April 19, 2012

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The last day of March I learned about a new sample subscription called Sindulge. The thing that sets Sindulge apart from their competition is that they have a one-on-one consultation with you when you subscribe to determine which of their products will work best for you. I thought it sounded neat and I liked what I saw in some of the other bloggers posts. I subscribed the next day, filled out my “beauty profile”. Then I had to select my “consultation date”, the first one available was the 7th – 6 days after I signed up . That was a bit disappointing and it let my initial excitement fizzle.

When Saturday came around, though, my excitement crept back up again the day of the appointment and I found myself chomping at the bit for the allotted time to come closer. I dutifully logged into my webcam and sat waiting the 5 minutes until my appointment was supposed to start. Then it was 5 minutes past when my appointment was supposed to start, then nearly 8. The appointments are only 15 minutes so I got nervous. I found their other method of talking to the consultant through text message. I sent a message. The consultant got back to me and it seemed she was quite distracted. Her video conference was not working correctly.  She took a long time to type back to me, and we got through about 6 back and forths, none of which had anything to do with my consultation, more about her tech issues. She then said she had to go talk to her next consultation and that she would send me an email later.

That was Saturday around 1pm. Monday afternoon came around and still no email so I called their 24×7 number (which incidentally I had called sunday and it was not manned – but I could leave a message) and reached a nice gentleman who promised me an email later that day. Finally at 7:45 on Monday evening she sent me an email with what I assume were the typical consultation questions. I answered them and a couple days later was offered another video consultation. I said that I’d  like to after I receive the first package.

Ten days later my box arrived.

What was included?