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Sheer Cover Review June 4, 2012

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Today I bring you the Sheer Cover concealer duo that I received in my “spring beauty” influenster vox box.  This is a set of two concealers that can be blended for your “perfect shade” they cost $29.95 (or can be purchased in the intro set). I also received this a few months ago from MyGlam, but never reviewed it.

So – Want to hear about it?

First, I am super happy that it is not overly yellow – soooo many concealers are – I suppose to hide the red that is associated with most blemishes, but when your skin tone is not that yellow you can look jaundice.

Unfortunately (as you can see from the photo) it is much darker than my skin tone. The point of concealer is to conceal so it is pretty much opaque – so you can’t get away with much color difference from your own skin tone. So, this doesn’t work that great for me, however I’ve had some bad acne lately – that my heavier foundation doesn’t make disappear, and so I have managed to use it fairly inconspicously under that heavier foundation and successfully covered those red blemishes.

It is a nice formula and it doesn’t crack like some concealers I’ve used before. If it matches your skintone then I’d highly recommend it.

So, on to the details; you can buy this from: as part of the intro set – but according to their website “You must be a current Sheer Cover Home Delivery Member with a web account in order to see the entire catalog. If you have a web account, please click on the “Log In” button located at the top of your screen and enter your username and password. If you are an active customer and do not have a web account, click here to set up your account. ” so I don’t think you can buy it separate on their site unless you subscribe to them, you can pick it up on other online retailers without the “set”, just google and you will find it.

Would I buy this again? If they started making it in an even lighter duo then yes.

Will I finish the sample? I’ll keep it around and use it occasionally.

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