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dr. brandt – Pores No More Anti-Aging Mattifying Lotion – Review May 17, 2012

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I’m always confused on how I should put brands in my posts, for instance, Dr. Brandt is a brand which, gramatically, is treated like a proper noun, like Bob or Cindy, however some brands, like Dr. Brandt have their name spelled in all lower case on their products and website. If anyone has suggestions on how to deal with such grammar issues please help, 6th grade was too long ago for me to remember.

On to the product. Today I bring you dr. brandt pores no more anti-aging mattifying lotion from my April Sindulge box. This oil-free thin-ish yellow-ish cream is intended to help delay signs of aging, stimulate new cells, increase moisture retention, and provide a nice matte finish.

Mattifying – check, increase moisture retention – check, new cells and delay signs of aging – dunno. My skin, after using this did not feel dehydrated like it does with many matte finish facial products, which is great. I suspect that the anti-aging effects are not something I’d notice unless I used this on a more daily basis. I honestly prefer a more dewey look unless I am going to be out in  hot weather (where dewey turns into melting) or in photographs where dewey often looks like glossy so I don’t use this sort of product much.  I do like it, and it is very different than the other mattifying product I like (Smashbox’s Photo Finish) which is silicone based.  I also like that it is multi purpose and helps the skin while providing a matte effect.

Will I buy this again? It is definitely on the maybe list – but it is not something I need right now.

Will I finish the sample? I’ll keep using it until I run out or the product becomes too old.

Here’s the breakdown:

Sample Size: 0.25 oz
Full Size: 1.7 oz
Full Size Price:  $60.00
Sample Value: $8.82


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