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Kusmi Tea Paris – I Love My Detox Tea – Review April 5, 2012

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Today I bring you Kusmi Tea Paris – I Love My Detox Tea.  I am a tea lover, and have been for years. I spend way too much money at Teavana and other similar stores though admittedly not as much as I do on cosmetics/skincare. Anyway, this tea was sent to me in my March Birch Box. I like Detox teas usually, they have a nice blend of green and other teas. This particular one is a blend of Matte, green tea, and lemon grass.  The idea of Detox teas is that they help flush toxins from your system, leaving you healthier and with better skin, hair, and nails.

At first I thought this was kind of a silly item to get in my Birchbox, I mean a Tea Bag with “detox tea” in it. I am a loose leaf tea snob, and tea bags usually are filled with icky leftover tea products (no offense if you like them). I was wary of this but like a good trier-outer I dutifully opened my outer wrapper and was delighted to find a satchel rather than a bag inside. If you are not into tea then you are probably scratching your head at this.  A tea bag is a little paper filter with ground up tea inside and a string stapeled to it.  A satchel, on the other hand, is usually made of silk or some other natural fiber – in this case I believe it is cotton. Additionally a satchel contains loose leaf tea. When you look at a satchel they usually look like they are not filled properly and are too empty. In reality the dried tea and other ingredients shrink up a bunch and when water is added the satchel will fill up as the ingredients expand. By the time you are done steeping the tea, the satchel is quite full. One thing to be careful of with loose leaf tea is that they are much more temperature and time sensitive. If it says 3-4 minutes you better remove the tea from the water by 4 minutes. If it says 170º then you better not put boiling water in it (instead try 2 normal sized ice cubes in the boiling water. You don’t want to burn the tea.  Loose leaf teas have more nutrients in them because they go through less processing and to me they taste better because of that lack of processing.

Kusmi is no exception to the normal satchel stereotypes. This tea is wonderful and the lemon and lemon grass add a perfect citrus to compliment the green tea. It is the perfect tea for cool spring mornings.  It has enough punch that you can actually get a full second steep with it, and a 3rd if you don’t mind it a little weaker (leave it in for more like 6 minutes on the third steep).  This tea is great even with its hefty price tag. I plan on ordering some when I get more birchbox points (or see if I can find it on Amazon for cheaper).

If you like tea this is definitely one to try!

Will I buy this again? Yes I plan to

Will I finish the sample? Yes

Here’s the breakdown!

Sample Size 2
Full Size 20
Full Size Price $21.94
Sample Value  $2.19


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