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Bzz Agent Brewed Over Ice July 17, 2012

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Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am a coffee snob. When I was a kid in the ’80’s my dad would go to this hip coffee bar and buy imported whole beans from exoctic and unique locations. When I started drinking coffee I quickly realized I could taste a vast difference between my dad’s botique coffee and everything else (Folgers, Uban, Maxwell House….).

Then I got hooked on fufu coffees from coffee shops, like vanilla latte or white mochas. In the summer I always enjoyed a blended beverage or iced coffee from these places. A couple times I tried making iced coffee at home with no real luck. Then along comes the Green Mountain “Brew Over Ice” coffee. I didn’t expect much, but I figured I’d give it a shot (I’d been given samples to try at home to share my opinion on from BzzAgent). I put my tumbler full of ice under my Keurig and pushed the middle button. One minute later I had an iced coffee in front of me. I tasted it, it was good, but for iced beverages I had gotten used to a sweetness. I put some of my flavored creamer in and voila… I had an amazing tasting beverage.

A couple days later I was running errands and stopped at the popular chain I always frequent and ordered an iced hazelnut latte – I poked my straw in and my blissful flavor was not there…I went home later, brewed another Hazelnut iced coffee from Green Mountain in my Keurig and I once again had happy taste buds. I am now a “brew over ice” convert and won’t waste any more money on iced coffees at those chain stores.

You might like it, you might not, but for the price of 2 drinks from a chain you can get a box of 16 iced drinks – seems a reasonable price to pay for a possible taste bud love affair!

Did you know that Coffee might be good for your beauty regimine?

Would I buy this product on my own? YES YES YES!!!!

Will I finish the samples? Heck Yeah!

Side note, the Celestial Seasonings (lemonade iced tea and Sweet Southern Tea) were both very good, but I’m not much of an ICED tea drinker so I probably won’t get them again – but if you like iced tea – go for it!

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