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Top Styler from Hautelook – Review March 6, 2012

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Awhile back Hautelook featured “Top Styler” which is a hair curling system. The system is different from the normal curling implements you are used to (curling irons, curling wands, flat irons…) These are little clam shell clips that get heated up. What you do is wrap your hair around your finger (you can use two or three fingers for looser curls/waves) and then place the pre-heated clamshell over your little bit of hair. You can then let the clamshell cool while it is on your hair – leave it for as long as you like – the longer you leave it the more intense the curl.

When I go to curl my hair it usually takes a good hour or so – and some very sore arms from holding tools and contorting myself – I honestly don’t know how some women do it.

This tool makes it possible for me to have awesome curly or wavey locks in less time. The first time I used this it took me about 20 minutes to put all my curls in the clamshells. Now, most of the time I am going for body and wavey hair – and that takes fewer clam shells – so I am now only spending about 6-8 minutes putting the curls in, and then 1 minute taking them out after completing my makeup.



Urban Decay Book of Shadows Book of Shadows IV (shadows) Review February 28, 2012

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I was on Hautelook last month and they had Urban Decay as one of their features. I’ve been wanting the Book of Shadows for awhile – some of the colors looked amazing – and seeing it on Hautelook for only $29.00 I knew I had to grab it.  I am glad I did. I am also glad that I didn’t spend all $56 of the original price for this palette (not that it isn’t worth it, but I got it for almost half price).

This palette is large – we are talking book sized – so there is no question in my mind why it is called the Book of Shadows.  Some people have reviewed it and said it was gimmicky.  Ok so yeh, I don’t need a mini speaker to use makeup – but there are 16 0.03 oz shadows (full size shadows are 0.05 oz and run for $17.00 each).  Most of the shadows are the typical Urban Decay formulas that are very highly pigmented and smooth and luxurious. Two of them Gunmetal and Gravity are not as pigmented as I am used to from Urban Decay.

Loads of photos below –



ELF from Hautelook – it was worth a try February 22, 2012

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So, I’ve been reading tons of stuff lately on how ELF has really gotten their act together. I needed a new multi-purpose kit to just leave in the drawer at work, and Hautelook had ELF on sale. I picked up the e.l.f. Studio 83 Piece Essential Makeup Collectionand the e.l.f. 24K 6-Piece Shimmer Eyeliner Collection

I first tried ELF about 6 years ago 2005 shortly after their website allowed people to order from it. I was not yet very into makeup but $1.00/product? That sounded great, well too good to be true – and it was. I was thouroughly disappointed with every single product. Again this was all before I even learned what quality makeup was – this was just in comparison to drugstore stuff.  Well here it is 6+ years later and with everything I’ve seen lately I thought it was time to give them a second shot.

Here is what I got!


What did I think? Read on!