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Book Review ★★★☆☆ July 30, 2012

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I know I don’t normally do this, but I just read a couple books you  may not have heard of. Usually the books I read are quite mainstream and there are bazillions of reviews and bits of info on the books. 

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a member of Bzz agent and part of their program is that they give you items to try so that you can share information on it.  You should know by now that I will say whether I like or don’t like something, so I figure: they gave me this book to share info about so I should share (good or bad).

Here’s the review:

The Hangman’s Daughter (book 1)
The Dark Monk (book 2)
Author: Oliver Pötzsch
Translator:  Lee Chadeayne

The Hangman’s Daughter and the Dark Monk were both originally written in German, Oliver Pötzsch’s native language. The translation seems good, but I suspect some of the nuance was left out.

The story, a who-done-it mystery, was interesting and held my attention, but it was not a “read it over-and-over again” type of novel. I like being able to solve the mystery ahead of the book revealing it – but the villians were not really people that any clues pointed to, which was a disappointment to me. Additionally, and this is probably the classic literature snob in me, the characters remained the same throughout. No one seemed to grow or learn from what occurred, it was as if they went through the motions of the story and came out the exact same person.

All in all, the book was enjoyable and I’d recommend it to someone looking for an interesting change from what they normally read. It is a reasonably priced novel and provides a weekend’s worth of entertainment.

Would I read each a second time? No

Were they worth finishing? Yes

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes, it is worth a read – and you might like it more than me


This book is available in Hardcover, paperback, Kindel (free if you are in Amazon Prime), and e-book.

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