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Lancôme free gift with purchase review of “Pinks” palette September 21, 2011

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As I discussed in my previous post, I took advantage of Macy’s “Free gift with Lancôme purchase” last month and got a load of awesome samples. Today I’ll share the “Pinks” palette.

This palette has four different colors, three of which are available in Lancôme’s
color design singles line*.  The four colors are (top left to bottom right) Designer*, Pink Pearls*,  Lava and Exhibition*.  The color design singles are each 0.042 oz, and in this palette each is 0.03 oz for a total of 0.12 oz – so these get pretty close to full size products.  As with all of the Lancôme products I’ve tried before, each of these is smooth and nicely pigmented.

I find it amusing that “Pink Pearls” is actually the only matte color in the entire set – you’d think that something with the pearl name would have a sheen. Anyway, that one is the color of cotton candy. Exhibition sounds like such a gaudy name but it is actually just a nice dusty rose shadow with a light sheen. Designer is supposedly a metallic green, but it just seems like a standard shimmer to me.  Finally, Lava is a dark pinkish brown that is a shimmer. This is my least favorite color in the set, but I still like it.



Butter London Haul! and swatch of Dosh! September 13, 2011

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My two bridesmaids, Jamie and Nicole, threw me my bachelorette  party at Queen Mary Tea House. This tea house has tons of super cute trinkets like tiaras and giant rings and tea books. This time I noticed they started carrying Butter London nail lacquer. SCORE! I’d never seen it in stores before near me – but this place made sense since they promote things that relate to High Tea, and what relates more to High Tea than LONDON? Anyway, I’ve read nothing but rave reviews of these polishes from different bloggers and I decided I must check them out for myself. Funny enough another store that I went to later that day (Fireworks) also carried these.  Anyway, they had loads of colors, almost everything on the website. I kept myself to only 6 though I wanted all of them – but I decided to get ones that shouldn’t be doups for anything I have at home.
I picked up:

  • No More Waity, Katie (purple glitter) (Sold out online)
  • Dosh (green shimmer)
  • Scoundrel (light purple cream)
  • Lady Muck (baby blue Pearl)
  • Cheeky Chops (canary yellow cream)
  • Jaffa (orange/pink cream)



L’OREAL Wear Infinite 320 Greens Review August 5, 2011

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Its Friday!!! Yay, as RB says “Fun Fun Fun Fun, Lookin forward to the weekend” ok enough with you-tube songs.

Today I bring you something from my stash that I had BEFORE I discovered Sephora – yes I know Sephora existed before I discovered it – ok bad joke.  Yes, back to my drugstore beauty products phase (from when I was a kid to ~6 months ago), I like the “match your eye color” stuff since I love my eyes, and I  like making them pop, and while I know the basics of a color wheel I am by no means an artist – so they are helpful. I picked out the “L’OREAL Wear Infinite Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow” in 320 Greens. It claims to be for Green/Hazel eyes. I know my pictures kinda stink but my eyes are GREEN and many companies like to clump that into Hazel with Green – but that’s far better than the ones that pretend Green Eyes don’t exist *thanks Smashbox*.

Ok, first, that name is far too long to write every time so I’ll call it 320 Greens. 320 Greens is a 4 color compact that contains 0.04 oz of each color, helpfully numbered to assist with those who are makeup challenged.  I don’t use this compact a lot, but it has made it into my purse a good 20 times, so you can see from the photo that while the case is still in one piece the “pretty” chrome detailing now looks ugly.  Why on earth would you put your product in a package that will look bad LONG before the product is used up. Anyway, this case is very small, small enough for a pocket – as you will see below with a quarter as a reference. These are smooth to the touch but not easy to get a lot of color from and they come with a sponge applicator. I can’t quite describe the finish – somewhere between matte and shimmer, like the back side of a piece of satin.



Emani Duo – Enzo review July 28, 2011

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 Emani is a “green” cosmetics company that also claims to be Vegan friendly.  I don’t particularly worry about such things, but for those who do pay attention to that I know it is super important. They have a variety of products from Face to Tool products.

I’d personally never heard of Emani before this weekend.  I was at Ed Wyse trying to find some nail polish to try a french manacure myself.  Yes, I did find what I was looking for, and then I noticed the employee there had the most striking khaki green eyeshadow on. I asked her about it and she showed me the line. I had to have it. At Ed Wyse it was $16.00 but I’ve now found that House of Beauty World has it for $10.00 + shipping.  Anyway I picked it up and finally got to try it today.

Now, if you’ve read my previous posts you will know I love greens, and the Enzo duo is no different.  Lets start with the packaging. It is a sturdy plastic compact with a nice sized mirror inside. there are two different, complimentary, shades inside of 0.07 oz each (for a total of 0.14 oz) I picked Enzo.  It has a lovely design on the top. There is no application tool which I was grateful for since I usually throw them away.



Kat Von D Truth Palette Review July 16, 2011

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Kat Von D, the famous Tattoo artist, has a contract with Sephora for her own line of makeup which is inspired by her own look.  Each of the different palettes show a beautiful piece of her own art on the front and 8 signature colors within.

Today I was feeling the need to wear something pretty fun so I grabbed my brand new Truth by Kat Von D palette. Check out those colors. It is an interesting palette with half the colors being pretty extreme and the other half very classical.



Lancôme Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette Review July 15, 2011

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Its Friday! That means I get to play with colors a bit more – YAY!

Ok enough excitement about the day of the week. I got my Sephora shipment in yesterday that I’d ordered a bit ago. I had realized I had mostly plums, neutrals, and blues. I love green and typically look good in it so I decided to try this Lancome Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in “Jade Fever”. Yes that means its green. I’ve been eagerly awaiting my $48.00 palette (wow I never imagined I’d spend that much – but I did). It did not fail to impress me.