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Venus & Olay Razor from Influenster March 17, 2012

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Another item I received from Influenster is the Gillette Venus and Olay Razor. I was super excited about this particular product as it is the first product I’ve ever used that is not yet released to the public. It makes me feel special.  Though I love feeling special I can’t let that sway how I test this particular item.

A couple weeks ago I bought the Venus Spa Breeze. I really liked that it worked well and I loved that I didn’t have to soap up before actually going through with the shaving.  To me it was revolutionary and I couldn’t imagine an improved shave.

Then Influenster goes and sends me this! I expected it to be pretty much as the Spa Breeze Venus. I used it – didn’t need to soap up before the shave, and after? My legs felt smooth and moisturized without a nick on them. I’ve used it for three subsequent shaves and it still is awesome.  This is my new go-to razor.

Aside from the awesome sudsing and moisturizing, this razor has 5 super sharp blades. The head moves to accommodate the natural shapes and curves of legs and underarms. The handle is made of a really neat grippy rubber so that even when its wet it stays securely in my hand.

Below the break are a bunch of pictures of the awesome features!