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Make Up For Ever HD concealer review October 25, 2011

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Do you ever have those mornings where the area under your eyes looks like Grimace sat on them and left some of his purple behind?  Since my LASIK procedure a few months ago I have had more problems with tired looking and feeling eyes than ever before.  I’ve started using eye creams daily and that has helped a bit but I still get these purple bags. Yep I get that they are not as bad as some people get – but it still bugs me.  So what do I do? I put some concealer there and hope no one else notices!  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got a stash I keep at work. Currently in that stash is the Make Up For Ever HD concealer. I bought this one because I’ve always heard that you should use a concealer that is lighter than your own skin color. Well, I’m super pasty – like bad, so it was difficult finding a concealer that light colored. Additionally my skin has a slight pink tint so yellow based products usually make me look ill – Make Up For Ever HD concealer came in the color I needed so I snatched it up!