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Catch – up! My Christmas look January 8, 2012

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I got behind on taking care of my photos for this site so you’ll see some older things like this Christmas look and my next post which will be my New Years look.

For my Christmas look I used my Lancome Jade Fever palette. I applied  the medium middle green color wet and then shaded it out with the lighter colors. I highlighted the inner shadow area nearest my nose with the highlighter too. I also used the liner to smudge up from the lashes for a little more depth.  I coupled this with a red sweater. Since my parents were coming over to celebrate I wanted it to be tasteful and I think it was; I felt like it turned out great. 

What do you think?


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Mistletoe Memories – submission to a contest December 25, 2011

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This is an entry to a contest on http://www.influenster.comfor Mentos Pure Fresh gum.  I received Mentos gum as a promotional item from Influenster in exchange for my reviews which you can see on my main page.  If you want to try the Mentos gum check them out on

It was a blustery winter day as I drove my CR-Z down the icy hill. I slid in the corners and tried to keep it on the road. I was in quite a hurry, after all my new husband was on his way home to me. I hadn’t seen Jared since a week after the honeymoon. It had been a lonely month while he was on an international assignment, but the end was near – his flight was on final approach right as I drove. What kind of wife would I be if I was late to pick him up from the airport?

Why does this 3 mile trip down this hill take so long? Why does the road have to be so icy? In the spare moments I have while driving down the hill I go through a mental checklist of things I’ve done today. Shower – check, hair – check, makeup – check, unplug flat iron – check, brew coffee to bring to husband – check, clothes/shoes – check, brush teeth – crap!!!!!! I’m at the very bottom of the hill. It took 10 minutes to get down the hill due to all the switchback turns and icy conditions. Going up it will be at least as slow – and I don’t have 20 more minutes to spare – I have to get to my husband.

I’ve got to think about this. Is it the end of the world that I just got out of bed an hour ago and have dragon breath? How could I forget something so basic – will he really care?  I keep driving toward the airport – 20 more minutes until I’m there, 20 minutes until I see my husband for the first time in a month.

I’m about 5 minutes from the airport now – still having issues figuring out what to do about my stinky breath and I haven’t gotten a call that Jared’s off the airplane yet.  I’ll pull into the cell phone waiting area until I get a call that he’s ready.

In my rush to get out the door when I left home I nearly tripped over a cute little box left at my front door – I’d been waiting for it since the beginning of December, but it didn’t arrive until this morning, the day before Christmas, the day I’d see my husband again.  Instead of unlocking the house again, I grabbed the box and put it in the passenger seat so I didn’t waste any time. Since I had time now at the cell phone waiting lot I decided I might as well crack the box open and see what my friends at had sent me. Lots of neat stuff, some soap, a face mask, lip gloss- better try that-mmmm moist, press on nails, lash primer, a Larabar, and ooooh what is this below the packing peanuts? Mentos Gum.

I remember Mentos from the commercials decades ago – they were so hip and trendy.  I didn’t realize they made a gum now, but I am in desperate need of fresher breath, so I’m quite happy for this fortunate turn of events.  I pop one in and start to chew, an explosion of mint spreads throughout my mouth and the crunchy shell seems to actually pull off a little of the plaque I had accumulated overnight.  Sweet!  I do a quick breath check as Jared calls and tells me he sees his luggage on the carousel.

I get my car in gear, chew my gum, and head to arrivals.  There are so many people walking around, and cars  pulling in everywhere, but as soon as I see him, the chaos dissipates in my mind, just like the stinky breath did with the Mentos. Quickly, I pull in to a vacant space and pop the hatch. I run out the door of my car into the warm arms of my husband who I have so desperately missed.  A kiss, as epic as the V-J nurse sailor kiss in 1945, happens. Do I pull away in fear of my breath? NO. I take his embrace and match it with my own happiness to see him.   We are together again, we are happy, thanks to both our love for each other and my lucky Mentos gum.

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No-Buy December 6, 2011

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I am officially on a self imposed no-buy until february – and that is for everything – makeup, household gadgets, electronics, movies…

Have you ever been on a no-buy?  I realized, just before the wedding that my spending was out of control – I had TONS of expenses that were unnecessary, just items that are fun or nice to have. Here I am, trying to save up and buy a house, but I have no savings because I keep spending it. *Sigh*

The good news is that I still have TONS of makeup I haven’t reviewed yet, I have two subscriptions to sample boxes (birchbox and myglam) and I should continue getting items from to share with you.

Coming up this month I will have 12 days of Christmas nails and at least 2 more mascara reviews in addition to my very tardy review of the original Naked Palette.

Speaking of Christmas, I will say Christmas and not Holiday or Winter because I do celebrate Christmas, and while you may or may not I do have the right to my beliefs and you have the right to yours. I’m sick of all the PC stuff about not saying Christmas just because some people don’t celebrate it. ok – I could rant about this for hours but I won’t – thats as political as I will ever let this blog be.

If you havent already checked them out, please check out my photos of my wedding and vacation. If you check out my wedding photos you will see my super awesome makeup that Shanelle at Pacific Artistry taught me to do.  If you are in the seattle-metro area and want to learn to  apply makeup like a pro or just want help creating a special look just contact her and she will help you out*.

I’ll write again soon! enjoy the egg nog!

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