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Fragrance Reviews June 13, 2012

Today I bring you Philosophy’s “love sweet love”, Aquolina’s “Pink Sugar”, and Bond No.9’s “Signature” scents that I received in my May MyGlam Bag, Beauty Army Kit, and Beauty Bar kit.  Since I never find that there is a whole lot to say about fragrances other than what it smells like and if I like it and I received 3 samples last month, I’d just get them all reviewed in one go. Lets Get Started.

Philosophy – love sweet love – this is a light gentle scent. It is apparently one of the newest in the Philosophy lineup.  To me it reminds me off berries and baby powder. It is light enough to wear on a warm day.  It smells nice on me and I don’t mind it at all. I will be keeping the sample and using it occasionally, but I will not be buying it again – I just don’t like it enough to buy a full size.

Bond No.9 – Signature – This is one of the most expensive scents I’ve tried. I will digress and tell you that the containers that each of the Bond No.9 fragrances come in are cute and unique – I love them and would want to collect them all!  This perfume is actually classified as a perfume rather than an “eau de…” which simply means the oils are less diluted. Here is an article on the different categories: What is the meaning and difference…. At first it is quite strong and makes me think of spices. It is not very floral despite the rose inclusion.  I feel like this is a unisex scent and could go just as well on a man as on a woman. I like it but don’t love it. As it wears on my skin it starts to smell more gentle but it never quite hits “sweet”.  I’ll wear it on occasion I suppose.

Aquolina – Pink Sugar – Sugar is right; think Cotton Candy. This is sweet, super sweet.  It reminds me of cotton candy and maybe strawberry funnel cake. While I like those things I don’t really want them on my skin. I’m going to say this is a toss out.  It might be fun for a tween, but it is not mature enough for a 30 year old.

Here’s the Breakdown:

Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray
Sample Size:  0.05 oz
Full Size:  2.0 oz
Full Size Price: $42.00
Sample Value: $1.05

Bond No. 9 New York Bon Bon – Signature
Sample Size:  0.05 oz
Full Size:   3.3 oz
Full Size Price: $330.00
Sample Value: $5.00

Aquolina Pink Sugar Eau De Toillette
Sample Size: 0.06 oz
Full Size: 1.7 oz
Full Size Price: $45.00
Sample Value: $1.58


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