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Anastasia Illumin8 with Youghful Synergy™ Review October 20, 2011

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Today I bring you the Anastasia Illumin8 with Youghful Synergy™ palette. I chose palette number 1 when I bought this product. The colors really seemed to be more me than the other palettes – also they had more colors as some of the palettes “duo” space only held one color. Anyway this palette holds 8 different colors. Starting from left to right there are (my descriptions – there are no names on the packaging): Matte Beige, Shimmery Beige, Shimmery Dusty Rose, Shimmery Brownish Burgundy, Shimmery Pepto Bismal Pink, Shimmery dusty brown, Shimmery lavendar, and Shimmery eggplant.  None of the Shimmers are incredibly shiny – though the beige does come the closest.

Lets see if I liked it and how much.



First “Last Chance Review” – Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascara September 3, 2011

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To kick things off I want to celebrate. Yesterday I reached 30 page views and my first ever subscriber!  When I hit 25 subscribers I will do a give-away of something.

On to the material I had intended to discuss. I’m going to start an occasional segment called “Last Chance Review” which means it is the very last time I will be using a particular product. Within the review I will explain why – there are various reasons, I didn’t like it and thus am throwing it out before I really used it much, I ran out and didn’t feel like buying another, or I used it so much that when I went to buy another I learned it was discontinued.  This new segment is spurred by the show “Hoarders”. My fiance just discovered the show and is now quite engrossed in it. Because of this show I’ve decided to not hold on to makeup I won’t be using any longer (or is empty).

Today I bring you Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Lifting Mascara in Black.  I received this mascara as part of the “all about eyes” set at Sephora.  I keep a stash of makeup at work so that when I’m running late in the morning I can do my makeup after I get there. This mascara made its way into that stash and has been used most work days for the last 2 months. Mascara has a shelf life of between 2 and 5 months depending on what resource you are consulting. I just had LASIK about 3 months ago so I need to be more careful than the average person.