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BzzAgent COVERGIRL & Olay Foundation and Pressed Powder Review September 18, 2012

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Today I bring you the COVERGIRL & Olay foundation and Pressed powder that I received from I was quite excited to try it since I’d used Olay moisturizers a lot in the past.  I’d tried covergirl on and off in the past with varying levels of dislike but I was hopeful that this venture would be different.  This formula suggests that it will help hydrate your skin to improve your overall tone in as little as a week. (Sounds good to me)!!  Did it hold up?

Lets start with the packaging. I LOVE the little swirl where you can see the foundation and the moisturizer. Covergirl has designed the foundation such that you only need one pump to cover your entire face, that way you don’t need to waste a bunch of product. I think that was fairly smart.  The compact of pressed powder is pretty typical of pressed powder with a mirror and a poof applicator.

So what about the product itself? The foundation is a medium thickness with medium to full coverage. It feels creamy and smooth.

The powder is silky and smooth. It feels light as a feather.

Here is a photo of me without foundation followed by a photo of me with foundation.


For one, the shade is too yellow on me…the lightness is right, but it just needs a little more pink in it. It does cover all my imperfections and makes my fine lines less obvious.  The biggest problem, however is that in my T zone it makes it look like my skin is peeling.  Here is a zoom of that area.

I tried everything from exfoliating just before, the night before, moisturizing extra…everything I could think of…but it looked like my skin was peeling every time.

Because my forehead looked like sandpaper I had to stop using the foundation so I can’t tell you if it improves your tone in a week, I could only deal with the peeling for 4 days. Also, there is no SPF in this formula, so you would have to wear sunscreen as a moisturizer.  I guess it makes sense to have choices without spf since some people do have allergies, but there should be two formulas then, one with and one without.

I did, however, like the pressed powder, it mattefied my normal foundation quite nicely and lasted lots of hours without loosing its matte.

Overall, I was not happy with the results of the foundation, even for the price I would not recommend them to anyone with combination skin. I am satisfied with the powder and may buy it again in the future.

Would I buy the foundation again? No I’d rather spend 3x as much on my normal brand and have truly flawless and spf protected skin.

Will I finish the foundation sample? No, it just made me look horrible with the peeling if you were within a couple of feet of me.

Would I buy the pressed powder again? Maybe…I’m really hooked on my Smashbox halo perfecting powder…but if I forget to pack it for a trip the Covergirl is definitely what I’d pick up for a short trip.

Will I finish the powder sample? Yes, I’ll keep it around and use it.  It will probably go into my drawer at work for a “just in case” situation.

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