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BzzAgent Luster Premium White Kit Review August 28, 2012

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Do you remember 1996? Do you remember the commercial where the teacher quizzes her students on colors and gets to her teeth (for white) and gets lots of light colors that are not white?  Here’s a link to that old commercial  Anyway, I was afraid those children (now adults) would point and tell me what shade of cream my teeth were (especially after all that Iced Coffee I’ve been drinking).

Luckily, BzzAgent realized their last campaign was a bit rough on the teeth so they worked out a campaign with Luster Premium White.  I’ve seen this system before, I think, at Target or a pharmacy and it was intriguing, but money has been tight lately so I didn’t doll out the cash for something that may or may not work.  In hopes that you will not be faced with the same question and be able to make an informed decision, I’m going to share a review.

BzzAgent sent me the whole system, the 1 hour white kit AND the whitening tooth paste. Here’s all the fun stuff!



Lets start with the toothpaste, have you used baking soda based tooth paste?  That is what this reminds me of. It has a hint of mint flavor but mostly it is not an amazing flavor. The paste is thick and gooey, it seems to want to go back into the tube.  I asked the manufacturer and all these products (including the tooth paste) are gluten free.

I should have used the paste for a week before using the 1 hour white since my teeth are now so white that I don’t think they can get much whiter.  I can tell you, though, that my teeth feel clean after using it. My teeth also are not reverting back to yellowish. All in all I don’t know that I would hands down get it again, but if I see it on sale I will definitely pick it up.

Next up is the 1 hour white. Included in this box was the light, an enamel gel, a mouthwash, batteries for the light, instructions and a shade comparison chart. In a nutshell, the instructions tell you to use the mouthwash, paint your teeth with the gel, then apply the light till it turns itself off (roughly 2 mins). Then repeat, over and over and over.  They suggest 20 for an initial treatment.  My teeth weren’t so bad to start out so I only did 10.  The nice thing is you can use it as a quick touch-up before a fancy evening out or a hot date, and you will actually see results after just a couple applications, unlike the 30 minute strips I’ve used in the past where you have to use them all before you see any results.

The product claims to be ok for sensitive teeth. I’m not sure if it was the product (gel/mouthwash), or the trauma of trying to keep my lips off my teeth for so long, but my teeth were especially sensitive for the two days following my treatment. Now, I don’t have sensitive teeth, so saying that they were sensitive is probably far less than someone who actually has sensitive teeth and is on a good day, but I still noticed it; but, after two days it was as if I had never used it – except that my teeth were still white.

All in all, I was quite pleased with the results. Stay tuned and I’ll upload a video of how I used it!

Until then here is my ultra amazing comparison photos…ok not ultra amazing, and I couldn’t get consistent lighting, BUT it is fairly obvious how much better my teeth started looking.

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