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June Glossy Box July 31, 2012

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It is nearly August (and my August Glossy Box arrived today) so I figured I should probably share my June Glossy Box items. June’s theme was Beauty Around the World.  Each of the items are from different places on the globe. 

So what wonderful items were included from each of the 5 countries?


Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel (South Korea)
That is a mirror on top, not special Glossy Box packaging.  This mint green gel feels really nice on my face, almost calming and soothing.It didn’t seem to make me break out or anything negative, but I don’t know that it really improved my skin in any particular way.

I do believe that my skin stayed nicely hydrayed while I used this gel.

tWould I buy this again? I don’t think so, it is a hefty price for a product that I can’t say works better than products at a much lower price point.

Will I finish the sample? Oh, it is definitely still nice – so I’ll finish every last drop of it.

Sample Size: 0.27 oz
Full Size: 1.7 oz
Full Size Price: $100.00
Sample Value: $6.97
Awesomeness Level<- 3


Burberry Beauty Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick Copper No.202 (UK)
Burberry, that is an upscale brand I never anticipated owning anything from. I don’t really pay attention to brands whose purses start at $200 and only go up from there, so I didn’t know much about them other than that I couldn’t afford anything from them – as such I had no idea they had a makeup line.The first thing that struck me was the imprint of the iconic Burberry stripes on this little mini lipstick.  I didn’t think the color would look good on me, it seemed so orange-ish-brown…but on my lips it is like a wash of coral.  It is definitely the most sheer lipstick I have ever owned, but it is so smooth and it has none of that waxy lipstick smell.

I like it a lot. I have been hoarding it in my drawer not wanting to lose it like I do with sooo many of my lip products.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I think that there will be another Burberry lipstick in my future – just not for awhile.

Will I finish the sample? Heck yes, the color was gorgeous and the texture is fantastic.


Sample Size: 0.028 oz
Full Size: 0.12 oz
Full Size Price: $30.00
Sample Value: $7.00
Awesomeness Level<- 4


Marvis Marvis Whitening (Italy)
Did you ever brush your teeth with pure baking soda? Gross, yes. Amazing results, yes. Now, what Marvis, here, has is a toothpaste with the whitening power of pure baking soda with  none of the aweful taste. Actually it barely has a taste. It is not the super extra minty of the American brand toothpastes (a la crest and colgate). It is a nice mild mint, like the first 2 seconds of having a tic-tac in your mouth.I really feel like this did a good job of whitening my teeth. While it is defnintely more pricey than some of the normal brands you see here, it may be worth it.  I may just buy it again sometime.

Would I buy this again? Very likely, I like the results and loved the mild flavor.

Will I finish the sample? Definitely.

Sample Size: 1.23 oz
Full Size: 2.5 oz
Full Size Price: $6.64
Sample Value: $13.50
Awesomeness Level<- 4


Phyto Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask for Dry Hair (France)
I wish I had known about hair masks in highschool. No, I will not show you that yearbook photo. My hair is so frizzy that these masks almost always help.This one by Phyto does not disappoint. It really made my hair feel smooth and not weighed down.  I don’t think it was AS good as some of the others I’ve used…I am still quite partial to K-Pack and the Amika Obliphica masks. It is still worlds better than straight conditioner.

Would I buy this product again? Probably not, it is nice but like I said, there are others I like more

Will I finish the sample? Yes, it is good enough to finish

Sample Size: 1.69 oz
Full Size: 6.7 oz
Full Size Price: $38.00
Sample Value: $9.58
Awesomeness Level<- 3


Zoya Summer 2012 – Beach and Surf Collection – Shelby  (USA)
Oh drats, another nail polish – wait! What am I saying – I love nail polish.  I still don’t love pink – but again this is a nice pink so I don’t mind. Shelby is a nice thick cream. You could probably get away with one coat, but 2 is perfect. I think this one actually had better staying power than some of my other Zoya’s.If  you are wondering, my accent nail is Shelby with Felicity on top.

Would I buy this again? Heck yeah!
Will I finish the sample? *nods head vigerously*

Sample Size: 0.5 oz
Full Size: 0.5 oz
Full Size Price: $8.00
Sample Value: $8.00
Awesomeness Level<- 4 – It went straight into my collection and I plan to continue buying zoya polishes


Bonus Item Glossy Box Blush Brush
This is a nice enough brish with dense, soft, and sturdy bristles. It seems to be synthetic.  I have used it a few times and washed it a few times and there has been no sheding. It seems to be similar in quality to the basic Sephora brushes – nothing amazing but definitely not bad. If they were to have an exclusive set I might be interested in getting it – not sure.Would I buy this again? Perhaps, it really depends on what the pricing behind such a product would beWill I finish the sample? I’ll keep using it!  
Sample Size: 1 item
Full Size: 1 item?
Full Size Price: ?
Sample Value: $10.00 estimated
Awesomeness Level<- 3

Awesomeness Level: 3+4+4+3+4+3=21   21/6= 3.5 – This box was a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad I have this subscription.

Total box value-$38.19- not including the brush! It seems to be a nice quality brush so I’d go with at least a $10.00 value on that based on similar Sephora brand brushes..

FTC  Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Glossy Box or any of the brands included in the Box. Items were won as part of an anonymous contest.  Regardless of cost of the items I promise to always give you my open and honest opinion. For more information please review my disclosure policy.