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Sindulge – May or June or? July 30, 2012

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Here is another company which has dropped off the face of the earth, and with good reason I suppose.  If you are a company looking to get into the sample subscription business please learn from these other companies shortcomings and failures. Sindulge was plagued with issues since its debut. The idea was to have a consultation with a personal beauty curator to help define what sorts of products you should be sent.  Both times that I had a consultation the “Video chat” was not working…but I didn’t receive any notification from the consultant that I needed to switch over to the text platform – and it seemed the consultants were distracted, because the text conversations were very slow. The samples were not sent promptly, though they did resemble the conversation, and customer service was lacking. All in all, had I not started with a 1 year subscription, I would have been droping them after this anyway.

What all was included for May or June or whatever month it was supposed to be for?


Youngblood Mineral Primer
I’ve tried a few of the youngblood products before – mostly in my last Sindulge box, they did not wow me though.Neither did this. It seems like it wanted to be like the Smashbox Photo Finish primer, but without the silicone it just didn’t provide the same smooth canvas. While it didn’t make my skin look like it was melting (like another primer I recently tried) it just didn’t seem to improve the performance of my final product.

Would I buy this again? I don’t think so – I’d rather spend my money on a silicone based primer

Will I finish the sample? No, it wasn’t that great

Sample Size: 0.17 oz
Full Size: 1.0 oz
Full Size Price: $41.00
Sample Value: $6.97
Awesomeness Level<- 2 I used it a few times but didn’t really feel that it was worth my time to apply it.


Mara Kesh Select Argan Oil
Argan Oil, this is a hot product regardless of what brand it is coming from. It can be used as a moisturizer, a hair shine, an acne deturrent and more. Unfortunately, so far, it just hasn’t been for me.This particular one is the same. I just don’t like the feel of oil on my face – doesn’t feel fresh and clean, and when I use it in my hair, after a few hours, my hair starts to look greasy.I’m sure that for the Argan Oil lovers out there, this would be quite nice…it just is NOT for me.On a side note, when I went to investigate this sample’s value, it appears as though Mara Kesh might be taking a hiatus from selling the products. All of the websites associated with this product are coming up as no longer active. The last post on the facebook wall was at the beginning of June. You may want to find a different source if you want to buy Argan Oil.

Would I buy it again?  No – I don’t like Argan Oil

Will I finish the sample? No, it wasn’t that great.

Sample Size: 0.15 oz (estimated since no size was given)
Full Size: ?
Full Size Price: $?
Sample Value: $?
Awesomeness Level<- 2 – I gave it a try like I do all of the samples, but it just wasn’t for me.


pop face magnet primer
I was introduced to Pop last bag with their nail polish – which I like. This time was their primer. This white cream goes on clear and it does contain silicone to fill fine lines as well as caffine to help perk up your skin.I liked it – didn’t love it, but it works fine and is less expensive than smashbox- didn’t perform as good as smashbox, but that’s ok if you don’t need the lines filled in as bad.

Would I buy this again? I don’t think so, I’ve got enough primer to last me a lifetime.

Will I finish the sample? Sure, it is definitiely nice enough for that!

Sample Size: 0.07 oz
Full Size: 1.18 oz
Full Size Price: $26.00 Sample Value: $1.54
Awesomeness Level<- 3 It is a good enough product.


Ferro Sultry Smoke – Eye Candy Mineral Eye Shadow
I was so excited when I saw that I got an eye shadow – and this was a nice dark smokey color. On the Ferro web page they show it as a vivid plum, but it is more like a plum colored soot – still a great color for a smokey eye. I didn’t have the best of luck with it. It didn’t really want to blend with my other eyeshadows – maybe it blends well with other Ferro shadows? Anyway, I did find that if I put on my primer and then a FULL layer of another shadow that I can then blend it ok.  Too much trouble in my opinion to spend money on.

Would I buy this product again? No, it doesn’t blend well enough on its own.

Will I finish the sample? I’ll find a use for it.

Sample Size: ?
Full Size: 5g
Full Size Price: $17.00
Sample Value: $?
Awesomeness Level<- 3…I just don’t see how this is a good inclusion in out bag without also including an eyeliner or lip pencil.


Pixi Nail Polish No. 27 Burgundy Shimmer
I love nailpolish so I was excited to see this included. It is a burgundy s himmer and doesn’t appear to be listed on the Pixi web page any longer – though a few retailers still sell it.The formula is fine, it covers in 2 coats and is not too thick nor too streaky. It chipped fairly quickly though AND the shimmer had settled so it took me FOREVER to shake it so it was thouroughly mixed again.  I’d say it performed similar to the average color club.

Would I buy this again? No, for the price I’d rather get a Zoya or Opi

Will I finish the sample? Sure – it is a color I don’t already have.

Sample Size: 0.25 oz
Full Size: 0.25 oz
Full Size Price: $8-12
Sample Value: $8.00
Awesomeness Level<- 2 – for the price I would expect it to perform better than a Zoya or Opi. It didn’t

Awesomeness Level: 2+2+3+3+2= 11     12/5=2.4 – Not horrible for a final box, but at the same time I definitely understand why they are gone now. 

Total box value- hard to tell because I couldn’t find price or size information on two of the 5 samples. I know $16.51 for sure. Then I would guess $2 for the eyeshadow and $2 for the argan oil – bringing us to just over $20.00. It still gave me more than the value for the price that I paid.  some


FTC  Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Sindulge or any of the brands included in the box. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.