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June Beauty Bar Sample Society July 17, 2012

Today I bring you the June Beauty Bar Sample Society Box. This box is filled with premium goodies again, and that is sooo exciting to me that I can try things lots of times if I want – in order to decide if I want to purchase it in the future. Yes they are mostly still samples – but they are big enough that if I took a week or two vacation I could take them along and not run out until the last day!

I’m was pleased with the boxes contents at first glimps (even though I don’t like perfume samples) and happily began using the products.

So what was included in the box AND how did I like the products?


Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves
Alterna is one of my favorite haircare brands. They make professional grade products that just work wonders on my hair.  Over the last couple months a lot of sample subscriptions have contained the Alterna Bamboo line.Lots of people have loved this particular product – but it just didn’t work well for me. I used it on a fresh head of hair and after my hair was fully air dried I showed my husband – he said it looked like my hair was still wet.  The purpose of this product is to make your hair have that tousled, just from the beach, look. This did enhance my natural waviness but my hair also did still look wet and felt slightly brittle.Would I buy this again? No, it just didn’t work for my hair

Will I finish the sample? I don’t think so, but I haven’t fully decided yet.

Sample Size: 0.85 oz
Full Size: 4.2 oz
Full Size Price: $22.00
Sample Value: $4.45
Awesomeness Level<- 2 – I just couldn’t get this to work for my hair


Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream
Here’s a brand I’ve never heard of – it sounds expensive – oh and it is!  0.033 oz sounds TINY and it is small, but it is an eye cream, meaning you don’t use a lot of it at a time – so it works I used this exclusively at night. My eyes felt moisturized and refreshed each morning and it kept crows feet away (which will re-appear with no eye cream or bad eye cream use after 3 days).  It was thicker than some of the eye creams out there but not as thick as the Skyn Iceland.It is definitely a nice product.

Would I buy it again? Probably not.  I like my Lift Lab better and it costs less per oz, so I don’t see this on the horizon for me.

Will I finish the sample? I did – it lasted me about 10 nights.

Sample Size: 0.033 oz
Full Size: 0.51 oz
Full Size Price: $95.00
Sample Value: $6.15
Awesomeness Level<- 3  it is really nice, but I have others I like EVEN more.


Oscar de la Renta Live in Love
For me there is not much to say about most fragrance samples, you like them or you don’t. They smell good or they don’t. This one smells a bit like my grandma in the bottle, but once it touched my skin it was an entirely different animal. On my skin the muskiness disappeared and was replaced with the scent of pine and wild flowers. It is really nice and smells like I went tromping through the woods. I’m really surprised that I liked this.

Would I buy this again? No, it smells good on me but not as good as some others.

Will I finish the sample? Yes, first the bottle is adorable, and second, it smells nice enough on me.

Sample Size: 0.1 oz
Full Size: 1.0 oz
Full Size Price: $58.00
Sample Value: $5.80
Awesomeness Level<- 3 I Like it enough to wear it and keep it, but not enough to buy it.


Jane Iredale jane iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper – TOKYO
This is a brand I’d never heard of – but still being a relative newbie to the beauty world I am not surprised. I like mini sizes of lipsticks and glosses because I don’t think I have ever finished a full size lipstick, gloss or balm…ever; so I was super happy to get this one.The Just Kissed Lip Plumper I received was in the color TOKYO which is described as a strawberry red. I guess I can see that now, but at the beginning of the tube it seemed to have more of a coral color to it – like you see in my photo to the right.  In that same photo you can see the color get darker as you go down the dube – that isn’t a trick of the light, it is just how my tube came out.The Jane Iredale lipstick provides more of a wash of color on my lips and a tiny tingling sensation which I guess is the plumping – though I see no plump difference.All in all this isn’t a bad product. I like the color, the formula glides nicely and stays on for a reasonable amount of time and it doesn’t dry out my lips.  The only issue I have with it is that it MELTED in my pocket… I expect most of my lipsticks to last through a few hours of living in my pants pocket.

Would I buy this again? Ok, it is nice, but at $25.00/each I don’t see another in my future…there are too many others that I love for less money

Will I finish the sample? Yes – definitely worth keeping (just not in your pocket)

Sample Size: 0.05 oz
Full Size: 0.08 oz
Full Size Price: $25.00
Sample Value: $15.62
Awesomeness Level<- 3 It is a pretty and flattering wash of a color but at a price point I just don’t see myself spending for a lipstick I don’t absolutely adore.


Murad Acne Clarifying Cleanser
I had a Murad product before – a spot treatment for pimples – and now I get to try a different Murad product, I truly am a lucky girl.  I don’t have loads of breakouts now that I have learned to wash my face every single night and use higher quality creams on my face, but every now and then I will get a mass of evil dots across my cheeks and forehead.I had been using Derma e problem skin cleanser – which does a great job of keepy these breakouts to a minimum. I had tried other cleansers and they had let some breakouts occur while using them. I’ve been using this for about a month now and I love it. Some of those newer cleansers are a non-foaming/sudsing cleanser and those left my skin feeling greasy afterwords. This one doesn’t really make suds, but it does sort of cloud up and turn more into a cream than a gel, like a mens shaving cream and this “lather” spreads across my face and washes cleanly off with my skin feeling fresh and bare. I have even found that my moisturizers have absorbed better after using this than some other cleansers. 

Would I buy this again? Yes, It is definitely a nice product

Will I finish the sample? Yes!

Sample Size: 2.0 oz
Full Size: 6.75 oz
Full Size Price: $26.00
Sample Value: $7.70
Awesomeness Level<- 4 I’ve been using this daily and my breakouts really have been reduced – there is a high likelyhood I will get this again.

Awesomeness Level: 2+3+3+3+4=15   15/5=3 This was a pretty decent box. I found a new product that I love (Murad) and a scent I don’t mind and may finish the sample for. The lip plumper is  nice and the only thing I didn’t really like was the Alterna – which was a surprise because I usually like their stuff a lot.

Total box value: $39.72 (This was again for a $15.00 cost to me). This doesn’t seem like a bad haul to me, especially for how I felt about the items. some


FTC  Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Beauty Bar Sample Society  or any of the brands included in the box. Not affiliated with nor compensated by UPS. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.