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Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Toffee July 3, 2012

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 This month has been absolutely insane.  I managed to find a new rental, pack all my belongings, remove all of that stuff from the old house, and get everything at least placed somewhere in the new house all in less than a month.  As a result, as I mentioned would happen, I did not have time to write to you all! I did, however, keep getting samples sent to me, so I have plenty to review.  Here is what you will be seeing in the next few days: A hybrid between my normal individual reviews, my first impressions and my box wrap up posts, all in one post per sample subscription.  I will wrap up the rest of May and use the aforementioned model for all of my June products  which should be reviewed in time to start my July products as I normally do – HOWEVER, if you like this new method let me know and I can switch to less frequent but bigger posts. Up to you, my friends. Thanks, as always, for reading!

Today I bring you the Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Toffee that I received in my May Glossy Box. This is, I suppose, the perfect example of a glossy nude lip however for me it was too glossy and NOT a good color.

The formula itself is ok – it is super high gloss and only minimally sticky. It stayed for a good couple hours before wearing all the way off.  If you apply a thin coat it highlights every crease and crevice in your lips, but if you apply it heavily then you don’t see those lines.

I’d give this a try in a different color before I say nay to it for certain, but as it is, I just couldn’t get there and like it. This is, I believe, the first lipgloss to go in the “throw” bin.

Would I buy the product again? Unlikely, unless there is a great sale to buy it cheap in a more complimentary color.

Will I finish the sample? No, this color made me look ill *sad*

 Here’s the breakdown:
Sample Size: 0.135 oz
Full Size: 0.135 oz
Full Size Price: $18.10
Sample Value: $18.10


FTC  Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Glossy Box or any of the brands included in the Box. Items were won as part of an anonymous contest.  Regardless of cost of the items I promise to always give you my open and honest opinion. For more information please review my disclosure policy.