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Stila Cosmetics Forever Your Curl Mascara – Review May 21, 2012

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Today I bring you Stila Cosmetics Forever Your Curl Mascara from my May Beauty Bar Sample Society box. It has been quite awhile since I’ve had a mascara sample for you, mostly because I have really been enjoying the mascara and that I’ve been using.  I will definitely be sharing this product with you in the very near future and I am nearing the 3 month mark.  I did want to make sure that I reviewed this mascara in a timely manner along with other products from the May Beauty Bar Sample Society box.  So how did the sample perform?

This product is intended to bring curl to your lashes.  Unfortunately, this is not a waterproof mascara.  I have found that waterproof  mascaras are very important to me, they seem to last much longer and with less leaking than almost any non-waterproof mascara. Did this fit that the non-waterproof mascara stereotype?

A little, while it doesn’t flake as bad as most of the other mascaras I’ve tried, it also does tend to wash off especially during allergy season when my eyes get a little bit more teary anyway.  The color is a true black and that is perfect.  I like how my lashes feel with this mascara on, it doesn’t feel like there’s mascara on my lashes, it just feels like my lashes are there.  How does it curl?  Okay, I definitely still need to use an eyelash curler with this product, however it holds the curl better than most of the other mascaras I’ve ever tried.  It also separates the lashes very nicely and there isn’t any clumping or spider legs.

Before                                                                                    After




Would I buy this product again?  Maybe, it is really nice for a non-waterproof mascara, however, I really would like to find it waterproof mascara that feels this natural on my lashes so I don’t have to compromise one thing for another.

Will I finish this sample?  Probably, it is a really nice mascara and there’s no need to discard something that’s useful like that.  I will probably keep it at work for when I run out of time in the morning.

Here’s the breakdown:

Sample Size:  0.12 oz
Full Size:   0.24 oz
Full Size Price: $22.00
Sample Value: $11.00


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