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May Inaugural Total Beauty Collection – Initial Impressions May 15, 2012

Oh my goodness I have been getting a lot of my subscriptions over the last week – must catch up – must start reviewing! Yikes.

Yet another site has jumped on the sample bandwagon. This month was Total Beauty Collection’s inaugural set. Total Beauty Collection is a curated set of 4-6 deluxe beauty samples each month for $15.00/month.  I got the email and I bit. I really am having a good time with all these sample companies and trying all the different products – many of which I never knew existed.

Total Beauty has taken a different approach on its packaging. The parcel is neither bag nor sturdy box…it is what is known as a “pillow box” (yes I had to google it) and it has a cut out flap in which reside the samples. 

What was in the box this first month, you ask?


Inside the flap was the standard Postcard with a blurb on one side and a list of the enclosed products on the other side.

 All the products were nestled into the little cavity surrounded by crinkle cut pieces of paper – easy to recycle those at least.  My collection arrived fully in-tact and had no leakage or any of the problems that some initial box offerings have.

Inside were four samples (I was a little disappointed at the number – I am used to inaugural boxes maxing out the content to drive buzz) but it really is the quality that counts.

 As always I’ll list the products here, the sample size, the full size, the full size price and the sample value derived from the other three numbers. After I’ve used the samples a few times to get the feel of them I will write the review, and after all samples are done I will give you a wrap up of the samples with any final thoughtts.

Lets get started with the products. 

 Alterna: Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist
Sample Size:  0.85  oz
Full Size: 4.0 oz
Full Size Price: $22.00
Sample Value: $4.65

 June Jacobs: Green Tea and Cucumber Body Balm
Sample Size:   1.6 oz
Full Size: 7.0 oz
Full Size Price: $50.00
Sample Value: $11.42

Blinc: Mascara
Sample Size:  0.141  oz
Full Size: 0.21 oz
Full Size Price: $26.00
Sample Value: $17.45

Pevonia: $15 Gift Card – this is actually a gift card so if you can find something on their web site that costs $15.00 you can get it without spending your own money. Shipping is also free at their site so I am calling the card value $15.00.

The total collection value is $48.56.  This is pretty good for a $15.00 price tag. If other sample groups read this – please keep in mind this value would be lower if the gift card were not a true gift card.  I can only assume that Total Beauty has read other’s reviews and saw that people do not like coupon codes being passed off as a gift card.

I totally am excited about two of the products in this collection, and the blinc mascara is nice – it is far from my favorite mascara but I will have a chance to review it for you since my last one is VERY expired and thus was thrown away awhile ago.  Stay tuned for the reviews!

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Total Beauty Collection or any of the brands included in the collection. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.