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April’s Beauty Bar’s Sample Society Box – Wrap up May 14, 2012

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I’ve had a chance to use and review all of the products from April and decide on how much I liked them. So now it is time to do my bag wrap up.

In case you don’t remember, here is a summary of the Awesomeness level:

Box Awesomeness Level Review (AL)

  • 5 points for an item that surpasses everything else I’ve tried and becomes my #1 choice for what role it fulfills
  • 4 points for an item that becomes added to my permanent collection of cosmetics and I will repurchase
  • 3 points for an item that joins my “I might buy this again” list
  • 2 points for an item I finished or will finish the entire sample of but in the end decided not to re-purchase
  • 1 point for an item that I tried and immediately threw out/gave away
  • 0 points if the item was a duplicate of something from a previous bag/box/kit that only scored a 1 in that box – meaning I knew enough to not even bother with trying it.
  • Don’t forget that I subtract 1/2 point for samples that can only be used 2 or fewer times.

Click “more” to see how this kit rated…




ASK Cosmetics’ “Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge” Week 10

This is the end of week 10 of the 10 week series for the ASK Cosmetics’ “Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge”. For information about why I started this and details of my nail conditions check out my “The Start” post.

I saw continued positive progress and feel like these 10 weeks have really been worth it. I’ve had ups and downs. I still have a really funny looking cuticle on my right pointer finger – but all in all my cuticles are receding, I am experiencing half as many hang nails, and my fingernails are 10x stronger than they were before (this was NOT measured scientifically). I am going to continue the TIPS products for the long term.  I know my nails are not perfect like some of the ladies out there – but this was only 10 weeks and some of the results may not be visible for 6-12 months – so I’m good with what progress I have made.

I can now paint my nails again – but I’ll try to keep it to every other day and have a few days off every now and again.  I will remain diligent with my TIPS application (to the cuticle only when I’m wearing polish) and filing my nails (again hard to do with polish – but I found I can at least use the part that goes on the underside of the nail.

I plan to update you all in a few months and let you know how things are going, and I’m sure you will see in the meanwhile anyway because I have SOOOOOOO many nail polishes to show off.

Ok, so here is the update!

Week 1 vs Week 10


And here is a special treat… POP Tangerine Taste mattefied with Zoya Gabrielle as the accent nail!



Murad – Hybrids Acne Primer – Review

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Today I bring you Murad’s Hybrids Acne Primer that I received in my April Beauty Bar Sample Society box. This medium thickness cream is tinted.  It is intended to help treat acne while providing a shine free base for additional makeup.

What do I think? Not so much. It is not for me at all. Lets start with the obvious, the color – it is very yellow. I am not. The next problem is that once it dries it gets cakey, which is not good for people with fine lines, heck for anyone who has a face that moves it is not good.

As far as if it helps with acne, I really can’t say. I can say that it does live up to the claim that it prevents shine.

Will I buy this again? No, it doesn’t do anything helpful for me

Will I finish the sample? No, it really didn’t work for me.

Here’s the breakdown:

Sample Size:   0.17 oz
Full Size: 1 oz
Full Size Price: $35.00
Sample Value: $5.95


FTC  Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Beauty Bar Sample Society  or any of the brands included in the box. Not affiliated with nor compensated by UPS. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy