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Tan Towel – Review April 24, 2012

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Today I bring you the Tan Towel which I received in my April Look Bag. Its been a nice mild spring here so I figured that while it is still jeans weather I should give the Tan Towel a shot so that if it all went wrong I’d not end up too embarassed since I can always wear jeans.

The Tan Towel is a 7×9 inch soft towel – sort of like a extra soft baby wipe that has self tanner in it.  This product DOES NOT have sunscreen and WILL NOT prevent buring. This simply gives the visual appearance of tanned skin.  The product says to wipe it onto the desired area of your skin smoothly and evenly – then to wash your hands immediately.  I took it one step further, I showered and exfoliated my legs so that the surface would be as even as possible. I also used laytex gloves since I really don’t want sunless tanner on my hands, even if it is supposed to wash off if done immediately.  I only did my legs because a half body towel is basically for half the body, and I wasn’t going to start a line at my waste, so I just did my mid thigh down.

How did it work?