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Babor Hy-Oil Cleansing Set – Review April 18, 2012

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Today I bring you Babor Hy-Oil Cleansing Set. This was part of my April Beauty Army kit. This is part of the cleansing with oil bandwagon. Babor claims that this is a water soluble oil that dissolves away water and oil soluble makeup and leaves no oily residue. The Hy-oil and phytoactive base are sold separately and can be customized for your skin type.

These oils are both a light thin consistency. Now I have a background in engineering so when I read that this oil is water soluble I scratched my head. I did some research and some oils can allow water to exist within it but it is not really removed by water so much as it incorporates the water. I suspect that the phytoactive base breaks down some of the oil instead. 

When used according to the directions (the hy oil first and the phytoactive base second) you create a almost milky like look on your face – it is really subtle, but it is not the completely clear look of the Hy-Oil or the amber look of the base.   You are then supposed to wash it off with water.  I did this and it didn’t feel like it washed off – the milkiness was gone, but that slick feeling was still there. It was not greasy per-se but it did feel more slick than my natural skin.  I didn’t like that feeling. 

I have used it about 5 times at this point. It cleans well and has not caused any skin problems. I think it is a nice quality product.  That being said, I do not like it – I can’t get past the slick feeling – I feel like I need to use one of my normal cleansers afterward.

Will I buy it again? No – like I said, its just not for me

Will I finish the sample? No – I’ve now given it a fair shot and I have plenty of cleanser samples to try, and lots of full size ones too so there is no reason to keep this around.

Here’s the breakdown:

Sample Size: 0.62 oz (2 x 0.31 oz bottles)
Full Size: 6.8 oz + 3.3 oz
Full Size Price: $32.00 + $28.00  
Sample Value:  $3.68

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