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Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen- Review April 3, 2012

*This post has been edited (4/9/12) and is now correct and up to date. At the bottom there is an explanation of the changes.*
Today I bring you Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen which I received from Beauty Bar’s Sample Society. This is a pen with eye cream inside it. It has a soft rubber like tip that can be used to pat the product into the skin if you wish.

I have the Skyn Icelandic Eye Relief Cream with Biospheric Complex in a jar already, as a purchase I made a few months ago and really liked it so I was very excited to try this pen. Apparently the two are exactly identical – though if you look on the Beauty Bar website the ingredients are listed in a different order, so this review is actually for both products (except that the jar doesn’t have an applicator). This product is a lightweight gel like cream that smooths into the skin gently and absorbs slowly but fully.


The applicator is nice, but I tend to use too heavy a hand when using the pen, but it does do a nice job of portioning out the product (and it keeps it from getting under my fingernails). I use just a tiny dot under my eyes when my eyes feel tired. It gives a slight cooling sensation which is nice and refreshing. It reduces puffiness in a short time – not a miracle reduction, but it is noticable.  I have no idea if it actually helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the long term, and to be honest, I don’t care. I love this product purely because of the cooling sensation. I know that it does reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles immediately after application, which is a help. 

Will I buy this product again? Probably not, I have the jar, and I don’t really NEED a portable product that does the same thing. (But I will buy more of the jar if I run out)

Will I finish the sample? ABSOLUTELY. I cannot stress how refreshing this product feels to me.

Here’s the breakdown:

Sample Size: 0.14 oz
Full Size:  0.14 oz
Full Size Price: $20.00
Sample Value: $20.00 
Price per oz ($142.85)

Full Size: 0.49 oz
Full Size Price: $45.00
Price per oz ($91.83)

*Skyn contacted me after I initially published this post and let me know that I had it wrong – in the previous version of this post I incorrectly believed that the jar and the pen are two different formulas, however they are the same. The Beauty Bar site has the ingredients in a different order so I got confused and lost my place reading through the ingredients. When I went to the Skyn site after they contacted me, low and behold they were identical – I went back to Beauty Bar and looked more carefully and discovered all the ingredients were the same but in different locations in the page. 

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