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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant – Review April 2, 2012

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Today I bring you Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. This is an exfoliator that is intended to be usable every day.  In addition to removing dead skin cells it is supposed to brighten and help fix uneven skin pigmentation.


This is a very different product than anything I’ve ever owned before so I’ll explain how you use it. After cleansing your face you put about 1/2 teaspoon worth of the powder in your hand, wet your hand to make it a creamyish concoction.  Then rub it on your face using small circles – don’t get it in your eyes.


This was indeed very gentle. I was able to use it without any signs of irritation. Though it did not leave my skin as smooth as after I use a normal exfoliator, I could use it every day if I wanted, and it does leave it softer than after a normal cleanser.



It is a pretty neat product, but I have sooooo many steps to my beauty routine, that I feel like adding another daily product might tip me over.

 Will I buy this product again? I don’t think so. It’s nice and if I needed something like this I would, but I’d rather just cleanse daily and exfoliate once a week or so.
Will I finish the sample? Yep – might as well, it works good and I like it.

Here’s the breakdown:
Sample Size: 0.45 oz
Full Size: 2.6 oz
Full Size Price: $40.00
Sample Value: $6.92

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