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ASK Cosmetics’ “Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge” Week 4 April 1, 2012

This is the end of week 4 of the 10 week series for the ASK Cosmetics’ “Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge”. For information about why I started this and details of my nail conditions check out my “The Start” post.

I’ve been pretty sick for the last week and a half so I missed my week 3 post – all the posts that have been showing up (up to this one) were actually scheduled because I had a big spurt of energy two weeks ago.  Anyway I’ll stay on schedule for the rest of the challenge (I hope).  I think that some of my problems that I’ll be talking about are due to being sick – maybe Lisa will comment and let me know.  Check out below the break for my full update!

Week 3 seemed pretty good at the start, then I got sick and other than putting on TIPS I did not pay any attention to my nails. Once I started to feel a little better around the middle of week 4 I actually took a good look and saw that on my left hand my index and middle fingers had weird stuff going on. On my index finger I got a piece of skin that pulled up. On my middle finger my cuticle seemed to creep down my nail and form a triangle. I am SO tempted to push that part back so its even with the rest of the cuticle – but I’m being good.  Anyway, my overall nail health has been improving, my ridges are going away, they are feeling stronger, and I am getting less peeling than I used to. They are still more brittle than I expect I will see by the end of the challenge, and they still peel – which I attribute to still growing out damaged areas.




Lets compare these results to previous weeks!

Week 2:




week 1:



Week 0:


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