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Indie Lee the Daily Moisturizing Oil in Vanilla Citrus Review March 29, 2012

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Today I bring you Indie Lee the Daily Moisturizing Oil in Vanilla Citrus. This oil is really nice light oil. It smells like lemons and vanilla ice cream.  The oil is nearly instantly absorbed into the skin.

I’ve never used a moisturizing oil before  and I wasn’t sure I was using it right. It seems everyone who sells moisturizing oils expects people to already know how to use a moisturizing oil! Geesh! Finally after 6 pages of googling I found one site that explained how to use it – since oil is a better sealant than moisturizer it is suggested that you use these sorts of oils while the skin is moist (like right after a shower) or after you use a light moisturizer, that way it seals in moisture.

My skin is a true combination – my noise and lower forehead are oily, my cheeks are normal, and  under my lips, around my nostrils, and between my eyebrows are dry!  From what I’ve read these moisturizing oils are really only good for dry/damaged skin.

I’m not sure about other moisturizing oils but this one worked just fine on my skin even though its not primarily dry or damaged. My skin felt good, radiant even.  I don’t know if this is something I’d actually purchase regularly, but for the occasional use it is pretty great.

Will I buy it again? Maybe, but it will not be an addition to my daily regimen.

Will I finish the sample? Absolutely!

Here’s the breakdown:

Sample Size: 0.25 oz
Full Size: 4 oz
Full Size Price:  $28.00
Sample Value: $1.75

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