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stila Smoky Eye Shadow and Kate Spade New York Twirl March 28, 2012

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Today I bring you my two biggest disappointments of my March Birchboxes.

In the Teen Vogue Birchbox I received Kate Spade New York Twirl which is a fragrance I have received previously on my other account.  I did not like it then and I still do not now.   I know that it has some initial fruity scents but after it lingers all I smell from it is musk…which I do not like.  As I’ve mentioned before I do think that Birchbox would do well to ask us about our fragrance preferences..I have consistently disliked the fragrances they have chosen for me. Oh well, the rest of the samples usually prove delightful so I won’t complain too much.

In the standard Birchbox I received still Smoky Eye Shadow sample.  This was a disappointment because it was a cardboard sheet with one use of shadow to it. These are the sorts of samples I have received from Sephora in the “3 free samples with order” or from the companies themselves.  It is strictly one use and if you mess up you don’t have enough to redo the sample. I’d much rather get a  itty bitty pan where I have a chance to use it 3 or 4 times and play with it  I don’t expect full size products in a sample box, but I do what samples I can actually try.

Now luckily, I am familiar with still and the longevity of their shadows and the normal texture, so I can vouch that these are nice eyeshadows. The First color is Kitten, which is their version of Urban Decay’s Sin but with a little more of a shimmer – I already have a full size of this one that I purchased a few months ago.  Then is an olive green/gray/taupe shimmer called Diamond lil.  From what I can tell it is a nice color that would be a perfect transition between Kitten and ebony (the black color. Ebony is a matte black. I personally prefer the texture of Urban Decay’s Blackout but this one is not bad, and again it is fairly hard to tell from the tiny sample; it might be better in a pan.  I think this look would be nice and glamorous and easy to go from day to night by just adding a little more black.

Would I buy it again? Twirl – no, Stila – probably but not because of this sample but because I know and like the brand.

Will I finish the sample? Twirl – I already discarded it, Stila – I nearly finished the sample with just swatching it. so there isn’t enough left to do a look with.

Sample Breakdown:

kate spade new york Twirl
Sample Size 0.05 oz
Full Size 3.4 oz
Full Size Price $80.00
Sample Value $1.17

stila Smoky Eye Shadow
Sample Size 0.005 oz (maybe less)
Full Size 0.9 oz
Full Size Price $45.00
Sample Value $0.25