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3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam Review March 27, 2012

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Today I bring you 3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam from March’s MyGlam Bag. This cleanser is supposed to perform a number of functions: clean, stimulate circulation, purifies, and moisturizes.

Know what? It actually does all of that.  Increadibly, after using this cleanser my skin felt great, I even felt like I didn’t need to put on moisturizer, but my skin did not feel oily (of course I put on moisturizer anyway).

This cream, when it hits air, instantly seems to create a sort-of-foam.  It stays mostly as a cream, but it ends up getting a porous texture. I think the photo sort of shows that…

It also has these really neat little beads (which you can see in the final photo – they are the little orange dots) in it that are made of vitamin E (according to 3Lab) that sort of POP when you rub them into your face.  I think those are likely my favorite part of the whole experience. 

Sample Size 3.4 oz
Full Size 3.4 oz
Full Size Price $50.00
Sample Value $50.00

Would I buy it again? Quite likely – its really neat and it seems to do a good job – but I’m going to use up what I’ve got first!

Will I finish the sample? Absolutely

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