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Grandma Stelle’s Hand Wash March 23, 2012

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From March’s standard Birchbox I bring you Grandma Stelle’s Hand Wash. It is  a green gel that has a similar texture to nearly any other hand soap out there – think softsoap. This smells kind of neat, like minty apple – and it cleans fairly well too.  I don’t think it is far superior to a generic hand soap that you can purchase at any grocery store, but it is nice and does its job.  If you particularly like the scent of it, then it might be worth getting the soap.  For me, it is not enough of an improvement over my normal soap to make me interested in spending $20.00 on it.

Sample Size 2.0 oz
Full Size 13.5 oz
Full Size Price $20.00
Sample Value $2.96


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