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Nail Polish from The Hungry Asian March 21, 2012

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I saw on Chalkboard Nails a nail polish called Sneeze Breeze from The Hungry Asian. I fell in love! I went straight over to her Etsy store and then saw another amazing color, Sea Creature so I had to get both. She must have put them in the mail about 5 seconds after my payment hit because my package arrived a tidy 2 days later.  And how cute  is the package and the little pictures on the bottles?

Because I am taking part in the ASK Nail Challenge I couldn’t wear these on my nails but after the break are some photos on my practice wheel – and I did wear Sea Creature on my feet and it lasted over 2 weeks without chipping!




Stash Tea – Photo Heavy

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Another neat item I received from Influenster was Stash Tea.  I took TONS of photos. Which you can see below the break. 

The flavors match the names of each of the teas – so if you don’t like cinnamon apple then you won’t like the “cinnamon apple” tea 🙂  Overall I really enjoyed the set. My least favorite was Licorice and next was the wild raspberry hibiscus…which surprised me – I usually LOVE raspberry.  Anyway, I really did enjoy every other flavor.

Enjoy the photos!