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Cover FX Eye Prep Eye Primer from Beauty Army March 18, 2012

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One of the samples I received in my March Beauty Army Kit was this Cover FX Eye Prep eye primer. I was pretty excited about this because I have learned over the last year how incredibly important primer is for someone like me with hooded lids and oily lids. Primer makes it so that I can wear shadow all day long without it creasing or moving. LOVE PRIMER.

As a result I was pretty excited about trying this – according to Beauty Army Eye Prep is “Eye primer for concealer, foundation and eye shadow application. Instantly smooths fine lines and creases to enhance color blending.” Woah it is a primer AND it helps with fine lines and wrinkles? Ok I’m in.

This is a fairly thin cream that applies transparently. It feels okay as an eye cream, nothing amazing but certainly not bad. I am used to my primers having a tint to them, but hey, what does it matter when your are putting eyeshadow over it anyway.  I decided to give it a try and compare it one on one to my favorite primer, Urban Decay Original Primer Potion.

So, how did it compare? Click below the break to find out

Not so hot, Below are two photos. The one on the left is my Urban Decay Primer Potion with Urban Decay Naked II palette colors on top. The one on the right is the Cover FX Eye Primer with the same shadow on top.  This photo is after only 5 hours of wear – half of what I normally expect out of my makeup.  The UD Primer Potion has had nearly a budge of shadow, the Cover FX eye primer looks like I’ve worn the shadow for 20 hours – it is creased and the shadow has migrated fully away from some parts of my lids.  NOT GOOD


I’d rather buy two products that do their job great than one product that only mediocrely performs 2 jobs.  This is not what I’d consider a multitasker as it performs the primer part of the job SO poorly. I don’t know if it works okay as an eye cream but at this point I don’t even really care.

Now, this might be an ok product for someone whose eyes do not have a natural crease or are nice and dry – but I can’t say enough that for me this did not work.

Will I buy it again? NO
Will I finish the sample? No – doesn’t do its job good enough for me to use it!

Samples Size: 0.16 oz
Full Size: 0.67 oz
Full Size Price:  $43.00
Sample Value: $10.27

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Beauty Army or any of the brands included in the kit. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


2 Responses to “Cover FX Eye Prep Eye Primer from Beauty Army”

  1. Thank you for posting such an honest review. Oddly enough, i have been looking for a new primer because my bare essentials one doesn’t work very well. I’ve been looking (and hearing great things about) the urban decay primer. you just sold me on it. Great review!

    • slagoon Says:

      Good – Thanks 🙂 Yeh I was soooo unhappy with the Cover FX one – I really wanted to love it…. it was funny because the first day I ever wore it was with a shadow brand I’d never used before, and I thought to myself “wow this eyeshadow is horrible” then I wore the Cover FX with my anastasia, which I’ve NEVER had problems with and it still was horrible, so then I tried the first shadow brand again with my UD Primer Potion and voila! it stayed great. I really hope you love the Primer Potion.

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