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The Soap Box – OCD Hand Sanitizer in Justin’s HARD Lemonade Review March 14, 2012

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Here is another product from my Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap.

This is the OCD Hand Sanitizer in Justin’s HARD Lemonade. This is supposed to both sanitize and moisturize hands.  This is a cute bright yellow gel that has sparkles suspended in it. You might see a little sparkle on your hands after using it – but it’s not like tinkerbell threw up on you.

The scent really does smell like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, or maybe Smirnoff Ice – it is strong if you stick your hand up to your nose, but from the distance between my face and my keyboard it is barely detectable, and the scent goes away after just a few minutes. 

I don’t think it is especially moisturizing, however it is not as drying as things like purell.

My biggest complaint about this product is the packaging. This is a full size sample so I can only assume their normal packaging is the same as this – the problem is the plastic is so hard that I find it challenging to get product out of the spout. I think the bottle needs to be a little less stiff, maybe a tube would be better?

This was a 1 oz sample. The normal product is 1 oz and sells for $2.89 the value of this sample was $2.89.

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