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The Soap Box – Whipped Cream in Hawaiian Ice March 13, 2012

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Another part of the Soap Box from  Fortune Cookie Soap is the Whipped Cream in Hawaiian Ice. It is a body butter.


Fortune Cookie soap explains that there are lots of vitamins in this cream however the skin can only absorb so much nutrient at a time, so it is better to use a thin layer frequently than a  heavy dose once a day.  I, like many women, Suffer from dry elbows and knees so I have been using this a couple times a day. It works. It feels super creamy and just melts into my skin. After a few hours the spots I’ve used this still feel really nice and moisturized. This is especially great in the winter when my skin is the most peeved.


The scent is also great! It makes me think of beaches – mostly because my favorite old school sun tan lotions smelled like coconut or a piña colada.  This does too – it is not sickeningly sweet – it is just nice and light and yummy. Speaking of Yummy, clear as day the packaging says “Not intended For Human Consumption” I think thats cute since it does smell good enough that some people might get confused!


Anyway, I highly love this product and will likely buy more and try different scents in the future.


This was a 1 oz sample. The normal product is 5.5 oz and sells for $10.99 the value of this sample was $1.99


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