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ASK Cosmetics’ “Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge” Week 1 March 12, 2012

This is the end of week 1 of the 10 week series for the ASK Cosmetics’ “Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge”. For information about why I started this and details of my nail conditions check out my “The Start” post.   

This week I promised to highlight the Contour Nail File.

If you do not like seeing photos of nails in horrible shape do not click on the break – these nails are in BAD shape.

Week one has been pretty tough – I really miss having my nails a bit longer. Also for whatever reason my nails keep peeling and it is really hard to not pick at them – but I am being good and cliping them and then filing.

My favorite part of this whole challenge, so far, is the Contour Nail File.

Which of the above nails looks like it would snag and catch on things easier? The top one is the profile you would get using a standard nail file, the bottom one is the profile you would get using the ASK file.  Your start out by filing the edge of your nail, like you normall would. You use the heavier grit area of the contour file. Next you file the underside of your nail using the pointy end of the file. Finally you file the top edge of the nail. This creates a semi-circle shape for the end of your nail. The idea behind this is your nail will have a smoother edge which makes it less likely to catch on things.


So here is what my nails looked like at the end of the first week:




Closeup on my nasty hangnails:

So the nails are having the bad damaged spots grow out so I can’t wait for those to be done growing out. So far there isn’t really anything to say about improvement, but I will keep going through the challenge. I didn’t expect anything by now anyway. I have been applying the conditioner 2-3 times a day and using the soap and moisturizer.

Lets compare to my Baseline fingernails:


Some other bloggers who are participating in this challenge are:    

I have created a menu item at the top of my page if you want to easily find posts related to this challenge in the future.

EDIT – I re-photographed all my nails for week one on week 1 day one – those are what are shown here.  I still the original poor quality photos archived so if you want/need to see them let me know.

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