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The Soap Box -Bubbling Bath Crystals packet in Berried Treasure March 10, 2012

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A couple of days ago I received my first Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap. Today I want to talk about one of the products inside, the Bubbling Bath Crystals packet in Berried Treasure. This product can be dropped into a bath and it will both scent the water , create fizzies, and add moisturizer to the bath.  I like how it smells for a bath – if it were a cream or something that stays on your skin longer it would be a bit too much.  Since I don’t really take baths I don’t know how well it works – but I do know it smells amazing. My coworker – who I gave it to – promised to let me know at some point how well it worked.


This was a 2 oz sample. The normal product is 12 oz and sells for $12.99 the value of this sample was $2.16.


Here are some closeups – they are really pretty crystals:


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